Tree Service Experts Riverside Introduces Innovative Tree-Based Solutions to Improve Water Quality and Reduce Nutrient Runoff in Urban Rivers

Published March 1, 2023
Riverside, California -

Riverside, CATree Service Experts Riverside, an innovative tree service company with a mission to help protect the environment, is proud to introduce new tree-based solutions for improving water quality and reducing nutrient runoff in urban streams and rivers. The solutions, developed by Tree Service Experts Riverside's team of experts, are designed to provide sustainable solutions to waterway conservation and preservation.

Tree Service Experts Riverside has been providing quality tree service for over 25 years, so it is no surprise that it has evolved to include advanced solutions for improving water quality and reducing nutrient runoff in urban streams and rivers.

 Riverside Tree Pruning

These solutions have been developed by a team of experts from the field of arboriculture who have conducted extensive research into how trees can be used to clean contaminants, trap nutrients, and reduce erosion. The tree-based solutions are designed to help protect aquatic ecosystems while increasing the aesthetic value of urban environments.

Tree Service Experts Riverside believes that these innovative solutions will benefit the environment and provide a sustainable solution to waterway conservation and preservation. These new solutions incorporate tree-planting techniques to reduce contaminant levels and increase water clarity.

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Some methods involve planting trees with deep root systems to help absorb excess nutrients such as phosphorus and nitrogen, which can cause algal blooms in nearby water sources. These trees are capable of trapping sediment and slowing down the release of pollutants from stormwater runoff into streams. Additionally, strategically planted trees can provide shade on nearby streams that help reduce fluctuations in temperature which are often caused by direct sunlight exposure.

"Trees are essential for protecting our environment and managing human activities that affect our waterways," said Douglas Doman, CEO of Tree Service Experts Riverside. "We are proud to offer innovative tree-based solutions that can help improve water quality and reduce nutrient runoff in urban streams and rivers."

Tree Service Experts Riverside has already started strategically placing trees around areas prone to nutrient runoff, such as construction sites, parking lots, and roadways. As a result, the Tree Service Experts Riverside team hopes to reduce the impact of stormwater runoff on water bodies downstream.

In addition to reducing nutrient runoff, Tree Service Experts Riverside's solutions also have the potential to increase water storage capacity in watersheds and reduce flooding threats during periods of heavy rain. Trees act as natural sponges, helping to capture and store excess rainwater, which in turn helps to protect downstream waterways from future flooding events. This natural process can also help to improve water quality by preventing contaminants from entering local water bodies.

"We believe trees are a key part of any successful water conservation plan," said Doman. "Our tree-based solutions offer an effective method for improving and protecting our waterways while providing numerous other benefits such as air purification, carbon dioxide absorption, and noise reduction."

Organizations can take a proactive approach to preserving and protecting urban streams and rivers by partnering with Tree Service Experts Riverside for their tree-based solutions. Through its innovative solutions and expert staff, Tree Service Experts Riverside is committed to helping create a healthier environment for everyone.

Tree Service Experts Riverside is a leading provider of tree services in the Greater Riverside area, with offices at 6892 Doolittle Ave, Riverside, CA 92503, United States. The company can be contacted at 951-389-7990 and


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