Tree Service Experts Pasadena Partners with Local Schools and Universities for Hands-On Training in Arboriculture and Tree Care

Published March 1, 2023
Pasadena, California -

Pasadena, CATree Service Experts Pasadena, a leading provider of arboriculture services in the Greater Los Angeles area, is proud to announce its partnership with local schools and universities to provide educational opportunities and hands-on training in arboriculture and tree care. Through this new program, students will gain valuable knowledge and experience that can be applied to their future careers.

Students will have the chance to learn about tree care through hands-on training, lectures, and field trips. They will also receive pruning, plant identification, environmental stewardship, tree health assessment, and urban forestry instruction.

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In addition to these topics, students will participate in workshops covering landscape design, soil and root biology, pest management, tree risk management, safety protocols for working around trees, and much more. By the end of the program, students should be well-versed in arboriculture fundamentals and ready to pursue a career in the field.

The partnership also provides an avenue for students to gain practical experience that can be used to further their studies or start their businesses after graduation. This partnership comes when the importance of tree care and preservation has never been more apparent. As cities and towns become increasingly urbanized, trees play an ever-important role in the environment by providing oxygen, reducing pollution, absorbing carbon dioxide, improving water quality, and moderating climate.

See how Tree Service Experts Pasadena is boosting biodiversity:

“At Tree Service Experts Pasadena, we understand how important it is to protect and preserve our trees,” said Myron Colley, CEO of Tree Service Experts Pasadena. “That’s why we are so excited to partner with local schools and universities to allow students to learn about arboriculture and tree care from some of the best experts in the industry. It’s a great way to give back to our community while helping to shape the next generation of tree care professionals.”

Through the program, students will have the chance to participate in field trips to observe firsthand how tree service professionals work and complete hands-on training in tree pruning and trimming. The program is designed to give students the skills and confidence they need to pursue a career in arboriculture.

Tree Service Experts Pasadena ensures every student can access this invaluable education. To that end, the company has provided financial assistance to ensure no student is excluded due to a lack of funds.

“It’s not just about providing knowledge; it’s about ensuring everyone has a fair chance to succeed,” said Colley. “We believe access to education should not be hindered by financial constraints, and we are proud to offer our support so that anyone who wants to learn can do so without worrying about money.”

Tree Service Experts Pasadena is dedicated to helping create a better future for everyone through responsible tree care and preservation. By partnering with local schools and universities, the company hopes to help ensure that future generations of tree care professionals have the knowledge and skills they need to succeed.

Those interested in the new training program can visit the company’s offices at 3278 Mataro St, Pasadena, CA 91107, United States. Alternatively, the company can be contacted at 626-604-2779 and


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