Tree Service Experts Pasadena Launches Urban Forestry Research Center

Published March 20, 2023
Pasadena, California -

Pasadena, CATree Service Experts Pasadena is proud to announce the launch of its new Urban Forestry Research Center. The center, located in Pasadena, California, will serve as a hub for research on urban forestry and tree care best practices.

Myron Colley, CEO of Tree Service Experts Pasadena, said, "We are thrilled to open the Urban Forestry Research Center. We believe that by researching urban forestry, we can be better stewards of our environment and help cities create vibrant ecosystems that are sustainable for future generations."

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The Urban Forestry Research Center will focus on four key areas: understanding how trees interact with their urban environment; identifying and developing best management practices for trees; increasing public awareness of tree health and maintenance; and advocating for healthy and resilient urban forests.

"By gathering data, conducting research, and engaging with stakeholders, we hope to create a better understanding of urban forestry," said Colley. "Our goal is to develop science-based solutions that will improve the health of our urban forests and help us better manage them."

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Tree Service Experts Pasadena has already forged partnerships with local organizations such as the Arbor Day Foundation, the California Department of Conservation, and the City of Pasadena to support the mission of the Urban Forestry Research Center.

"We are grateful for these partnerships, which will enable us to advance our research efforts," said Colley. "We look forward to collaborating with these groups to develop innovative solutions for urban forestry."

Tree Service Experts Pasadena also plans to engage with residents and businesses across the city of Pasadena to increase public awareness about the importance of urban forestry. They will provide resources, education, and outreach activities to ensure everyone can access tree care tips and information.

"It's important that people understand the impact trees have on our lives," said Colley. "That's why we plan to use our platform to raise awareness about the importance of properly caring for trees so that we can ensure they stay healthy for years to come."

With the launch of the Urban Forestry Research Center, Tree Service Experts Pasadena hopes to impact urban forestry in Pasadena and beyond. They plan to inspire action and create lasting change through their research and advocacy efforts.

"At Tree Service Experts Pasadena, we are passionate about creating a healthier, greener world," said Colley. "That's why we are thrilled to be launching this research center and making it easier than ever before for people to learn about urban forestry and get involved in preserving our environment."

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