Trails Carolina Experts Discuss the Importance of Personalized Treatment Plans

Published March 9, 2023

What Is a Personalized Treatment Plan? The Importance of Personalized Treatment, Treatment Is Not One-Size-Fits-All, Personalized Treatment is Multi-Faceted

Recovery is a different process for everyone, and the experts at Trails Carolina know that. Trails Carolina is a nature-based therapy program geared toward healing at-risk young people, repairing family relationships, and encouraging lifelong personal growth.

The therapists and other experts at this North Carolina adventure-based recovery program recently discussed why personalized treatment plans are so essential.

What Is a Personalized Treatment Plan?

An individualized treatment plan is a recovery strategy created specifically for one person. The individualized plan takes into account the person's physical health, social history, family dynamics, current mental health status, and past experiences of trauma, abuse, and self harm. A team of experts assesses all the information and creates a treatment plan that targets key points to best support the individual’s healing journey.

The Importance of Personalized Treatment

Personalized treatment plans, also known as customized or individualized treatment plans, are proven to be more effective in treating struggles with addiction, mental health disorders, trauma, and more when compared to generic plans.

Treatment Is Not One-Size-Fits-All

Healing journeys are as diverse as the individual—there's no one-size-fits-all approach to treatment. Personalized treatment methods provide each person with the best treatment for their cognitive, emotional, physical, and social needs.

Personalized Treatment is Multi-Faceted

"An individualized treatment method is dynamic," a Trails staff member explained. "It includes all the diverse supportive elements a person needs to achieve success."

At Trails Carolina, individualized plans typically include several modalities of therapy, academic counseling, classroom education, peer engagement, nature-based adventure activities and more. The therapeutic modalities work together to address specific behavioral and psychological issues.

Medications Vary

Trails Carolina experts state that a personalized treatment plan always considers the person's physical health and the best route to recovery. Medication needs can vary drastically from one person to another, making customized treatment plans even more important. Medical professionals from Trails work closely with each student’s home care team, including doctors, psychiatrists and past therapists, to ensure all medical history is accounted for when developing treatment plans.

Common Principles of Personalized Treatment Plans

The National Institute on Drug Abuse outlines several principles of individualized treatment plans, some of which include:

Multiple therapy options

Providing voluntary and involuntary treatment options

Offering programs for co-occurring substance abuse and mental health disorders

Testing for diseases associated with drug use

Assessing and making changes to the treatment plan as necessary

Personalized Treatment at Trails Carolina

Trails Carolina is an outdoor treatment center for preteens and adolescents ages 10-17. The team of experts who run the program tailors all treatment and activities to suit the needs of each individual.

Common treatment methods at Trails include outdoor adventure therapy, family involvement, accredited academics, experiential learning, transition planning, equine programming, and more. Their team encourages interested parents and their children to log onto the organization's website to learn more about its highly-effective customized treatment and education programs.

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