To Empower Digitalization in China, Crazy Mars Squirrel Breaks Through NFT’s Value Dilemma

Published March 21, 2023

United States, 21st Mar 2023 – The fulfillment of the development plan of Crazy Mars Squirrel has brought its project value to prominence. Recently, a cooperation agreement was signed between the Crazy Mars Squirrel team and a Chinese firm – Zhejiang Mars Century, signifying the brand authorization of Crazy Mars Squirrel is open to joint efforts in China to develop an ecosystem as well as to empower the digitalization of Chinese enterprises in the form of “NFT+” through a one-stop full-period NFT service.

According to information, brand owners in China can get in touch with the Chinese Community of Crazy Mars Squirrel to get verified and further receive the following blockbuster services: a) Opportunities for co-branding with Crazy Mars Squirrel; b) one free access to NFT planning, digital image design (ERC-1155 standard) and release, to help brands quickly exert influence and expand the market share; c) With rich global ecological resources, Crazy Mars Squirrel can collaborate with brand owners to create limited-edition toys by joint design, or merchandise and equity service package (such as hotel vouchers, event tickets, movie tickets, coffee vouchers) to enhance the brand appeal; d) With a huge fan base, Crazy Mars Squirrel community allows brand owners to have infinite possibilities in the ecology.

As an NFT project characterizing space agent Squirrels, Crazy Mars Squirrel has attracted market-wide attention. Within a few hours after its first launch on OpenSea, a total of 100 NFTs were sold out, winning two 1st placers regarding popularity and 24-hour trading volume. As of press time, the total trading volume of Crazy Mars Squirrel NFT exceeded 406ETH with its floor price rising to 35 ETH. Though in the downturn of the market, Crazy Mars Squirrel has made itself a dark horse NFT project.

After the success of its initial launch, Crazy Mars Squirrel continued to implement commercial scenarios adhering to altruistic thinking. According to the project leader of Crazy Mars Squirrel, the NFT project, as a strong Web3.0 builder and pioneer, will open up new development space for digital business using its unique cultural characteristics and commercial value. “China is a rapidly developing market, which is undergoing a digital transformation. With support from Crazy Mars Squirrel to accelerate the process of enterprises’ digitalization, this is a win-win to benefit both Chinese enterprises and Crazy Mars Squirrel NFT owners. And this is also in accord with the original intention for project implementation in China.” Said the founding team of Crazy Mars Squirrel.

Affected by the macroeconomic environment, dwindling Internet dividends, rising customer acquisition costs, and competition pressure, the profit space of enterprises is further squeezed. On the other hand, the digital era comes quickly following the development of the new generation of information technologies such as blockchain technology, big data, and artificial intelligence. Based on this, the expansion of new business forms represented by NFT, Web3.0, and Metaverse has subverted the operation logic of traditional enterprises.

Against such a background, Crazy Mars Squirrel provides a “zero-to-one” one-stop full-period service, including business planning, NFT design and release, and application development, for enterprises to tackle key challenges in technology, content creation, gameplay, operation, etc., and build a novel digital marketing matrix.

Discover New Possibilities in Marketing to Promote Brand Rejuvenation
For current enterprises, boosting generates is the main marketing target. Crazy Mars Squirrel, the potential NFT project originating from the United States, has a large fan base. Through brand authorization or co-branding that links NFT works to physical products, it can transit value to enterprises and bring about a publicity matrix and brand premium. Besides, as a representative of fashion and art, Crazy Mars Squirrel shares consensus with Gen Z and young millennials, thus naturally appealing to young consumers, which can serve as the growth point to achieve a win-win for market awareness and product sales.

Strengthen Brand Culture, Explore Diversified Income
Brand culture is one of the critical components of marketing. Distinct from traditional digital advertising, Crazy Mars Squirrel connotates general values and cultural symbols guiding the advancement of digital civilization and also has its thriving narrative closely related to the development of times. It will not change nor decay as time goes by. Through frequent activities, Crazy Mars Squirrel impresses people with its brand connected with its cultural connotation, and through the continually deepened impression, it closely resonates with its customers. Nowadays, the decentralized operation has allowed enterprises to easily connect creators, Internet celebrities, consumers, collectors, etc. to carry out multi-party collaboration while reshaping the interactive mode of brands and exploring diversified benefits.

Build Core Digital Assets, Enter the Brand Metaverse
NFT is not a virtual brand image, but rather a transaction verification and execution architecture based on the token economy. It represents visible and tangible digital assets of a brand and accounts for a powerful tool for branding and marketing. Global megatrends tell us brands will finally break barriers between online and offline, integrate virtual and reality, and build its close-loop sub-universe. However, the Metaverse and Web3.0 ecosystems of the current stage have certain limitations, making it not suitable for all brands to participate in. With support from the value-driven dark horse NFT project Crazy Mars Squirrel, brands and enterprises can obtain the Pass-through ticket to the Metaverse in a low-cost, efficient and high-quality way.

The project leader of Crazy Mars Squirrel indicated that the project will open license globally and all quality enterprises around the world are welcome to join as “NFT+ builders”. Together with Crazy Mars Squirrel to migrate into digital civilization and share the dividends of digital business!




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