TK-Irish, the Popular Stories YouTube Channel of Traditional Irish Family Life, Shares Memorable St. Patrick’s

Published February 21, 2023

February 21, 2023 - Youtuber TK, who runs a special Irish storytelling channel - TK-Irish – has shared a memorable incident from his life that happened sometime back on St. Patrick’s Day. With the month of March round the corner, festivities are about to begin in the Irish community and worldwide, and this story will not fail to amuse the listener.

St. Patrick’s Day falls on March 17, when everyone puts on a green costume and enjoys the day like no other. This is the day when the world turns green, and in Ireland and elsewhere, festivities include public parades, céilithe, and the wearing of green attire or shamrocks. The Irish story telling tradition is also an old one, and that makes this little story even more precious.

“St. Patrick’s Day is when we put our greens on and have a great celebration. We in our family used to cook the traditional dinner of corned beef, cabbage, boiled potatoes, bread, and all the laughter you can handle... Eventually, everyone decided to follow their lives and careers, and there was no one left at home,” says TK, who hails from Fort Wayne, Indiana.

TK recounts the time when his mother was eighty, and she came to Dallas to celebrate St Patrick’s Day with him. And yes, she was bringing the corned beef. TK took her to the local restaurant one day and everyone had a great time. The next time he visited the same restaurant, the manager told him how much they had enjoyed that day. While TK was in the restroom, his mother had told the staff about coming all the way from Ireland! Sometime later, back home at Fort Wayne, he asked her why she had cooked up the story about coming from Ireland to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. She said, “What was I supposed to do? Tell them I am from Fort Wayne, Indiana?! That’s not any fun.”

The TK-Irish channel contains many such true-life stories, mostly drawn from the times when TK was growing up as the youngest of eight children in a traditional Irish family in Fort Wayne. The channel adds new stories quite frequently, and has attracted audience from over 30 different countries.

In another short story, ‘Mrs. Murphy's Turkey Dinner’, the listener learns a basic truth: the best way to help yourself is to help the other person first. Every Christmas Eve, TK and his family delivered turkey dinners to those in need. The last time TK visited home on Christmas Eve, he learnt that Mrs. Murphy, who had taught the second grade for over fifty years, hadn’t received her turkey dinner. TK quickly prepared a hot dish and took to her doorsteps, not expecting a good welcome.

Mrs. Murphy, true to her elements, called him the worst kid among the lot. TK delivered what Mrs. Murphy thought would be a turkey dinner, and went downstairs. Just as TK reached the sidewalk, he saw Mrs. Molly lean out of her third floor window, screaming that it was the worst turkey dinner she had ever seen.

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TK-Irish is a fresh collection of stories that will be of interest to anyone interested in the Irish culture and its evolution in time.

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