This P2E game is celebrating Valentine’s Day within it's Cryptoverse!

Published February 10, 2023

Introducing NFT Skins - Crypto Cupid seems to have struck

Personalisation has been at fore-front of Game Design. Players love to customise their characters, vehicles, arenas and even weapons! From limited edition sponsored skins to skins designed by players themselves, we love all of them! Players love to create/collect these skins which has led to a lot of secondary markets in Gaming.

And Valentine’s week seemed like a good time to spread love within the One World Nation (OWN) Cryptoverse by introducing one-of-its-kind Cryptonite NFT Skins which players can gift to their NFTs!

Players can buy NFT skins from the One World Nation Marketplace. The “V’day Limited Edition” Skins will be launched on 11th February, 2023. The skins will be of two categories, one more premium and rarer than other. A total of 200 Rare Skins and only 14 of the Super Special Skin will be available.

Celebrating “Love Week” within the OWN Crpytoverse

1. Since sharing has always been caring, OWN is introducing ‘Discount Coupon Gifting’. During Love Week, players will be able to gift Discount Coupons to their loved ones for just $2.

2. Players can win exclusive skins with love-themed community events. Exciting challenges, quizzes, and other activities will be conducted where players can test their knowledge, skills, creativity and wit. These events will help players win amazing skins and add a special touch to their NFTs.

3. Finding your soulmate has never been this easy. Participate in a fun, interactive quiz and out which NFT clan is your true soulmate! This will be coupled with exciting coupons and free skins!

4. Since this is the season of gifting, OWN will also airdrop FREE skins for all NFT bought from 7th Feb to 21th Feb using Valentine’s day discount coupons. And since these are limited edition skins, no player would be able to buy them post 21st of February.

Roadmap for NFT Skins in the future:

Keeping up with gaming traditions, OWN will be launching skins throughout the year on different occasions. Working on a community-first approach, this will be based on community votes. Players will also be able to maintain a skin inventory on OWN where they can swap skins from one NFT to another.

OWN also plans to convert these skins into NFTs! So HODL, it is going to be a fun ride.

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