Muscle growth supplements - what to know

Published May 10, 2023

Building muscle can be a challenging undertaking that requires a specific exercise and dietary plan.


Obtaining the correct calories, nutrients and proteins can be arduous, which is why numerous fitness enthusiasts bolster their plans with muscle growth supplements. These supplements are typically rich in carbs and proteins and are an effective method to build muscle faster that is balanced and comprehensive. However, with a plethora of supplements available from myriad providers, selecting the optimal product for your requirements can be time-consuming and frustrating. Ergo, this article will give an overview of muscle growth supplements to assist individuals looking to augment their existing health and fitness plans.

Consider which supplements are conducive to your goals

Countless health and fitness enthusiasts are easily convinced by effective marketing campaigns at the best times - particularly those that promise unachievable results. In addition to conducting thorough research (with more on this below), a primary step should be to outline your specific needs and goals in advance. For example, when considering whey protein versus mass gainer, the former is designed to quickly provide a boost of protein without changing their regular diet; contrastingly, the latter product accommodates users to rapidly increase their weight during a period of bulking. However, mass gainers are comprised of particularly dense calories that will inevitably lead to added weight from fat in addition to muscle. This is something that can be trimmed down during a “cut period”, but it is perhaps not suitable for every body type. There are typically around five components to seek out in quality supplements: protein (the most vital macronutrient), BCAA (branched-chain amino acids), creatine monohydrate, gainer supplements and multivitamins.

Conducting thorough research is vital

Before investing in any muscle-building supplements, a fundamental action is to conduct thorough research. Muscle growth supplements are typically beneficial overall as part of an overall health and fitness regime; however, many may not contain the optimal ingredients required for your specific gender, body type, and other myriad factors. First, it is recommended to consult a physician to acutely identify which products will be most effective for your requirements. Second, conduct product research to determine reputable brands that are verified and tested by trusted health organizations. Moreover, evaluate reviews from historic customers to achieve a balanced overview through the experience of individuals who have completed a course of your supplement of choice.

What to look for in a supplement

As previously mentioned, selecting an ideal supplement with proven efficacy can be challenging. One of the most critical concerns of many muscle builders relates to heavy metals that are contained within some protein and vitamin pills (and do not contain some of the ingredients they purport to). Over the last decade, consumer investigators identified heavy metals within many products that considerably exceeded levels considered safe for ingestion. Moreover, on a practical level, many brands do not contain the levels of protein that are outlined on their ingredient labels. Generally speaking, whey protein, casein, and nuckols are common supplements that are widely consider safer options. However, as previously recommended, thorough research should accommodate you to identify the optimal product for your requirements. Protein should also be acquired through a balanced, healthy diet rich in chicken, eggs, soy, and isolated beef protein. Supplements can be an effective means of ensuring you reach a specific caloric threshold or consume enough protein each day. However, supplements should not be consumed as a meal replacement as they do not contain enough nutritional value. Nonetheless, they can be a superlative means of ingesting the maximum macronutrients your body requires.

Supplements as a recovery snack post-workout

Muscle growth supplements are an excellent method of quickly replenishing energy and absorbing nutrients following a workout. In the short term, consuming protein bars or a shake is relatively practical. However, in addition to taking supplements before a main meal, augment recovery processes with a simple banana and low-fat chocolate milk (full-fat milk is more challenging for the body to digest post-workout). In addition, consider mixing in whole-grain crackers and/or peanut butter. Alternatively, a smoothie with yogurt and frozen berries will boost your vitamin intake. Ultimately, the optimal time to consume your muscle growth supplement depends on the subjective individual; however, typically bodybuilders ingest their supplements before workouts (for energy), post-workout (for optimal recovery and muscle growth), and first thing in the morning (to mitigate muscle breakdown and induce an anabolic state in the body).

In summary

This article has outlined how muscle growth supplements can be an exceptionally effective means of building your physique as part of an overall wellness plan. To conclude, the takeaways of this article are as follows: assess your personal goals, consult your physician, conduct thorough research, and always implement supplements as a “boost” as part of a balanced pre-existing health and fitness regime.

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