The owner of OBN finance Metteus Riberos the Brazilian youngest millionaire who owns 9 companies at the age of 23

Published February 16, 2023

Matteus Ribeiro’s net-worth, will make him the youngest person in Brazil to ever reach a net-worth of 500+ Million BRL (102.8 Million USD According to Forbes BR) before turning 25 years of age. A lot of people ask, how did he do this? Well Matteus is an international Businessman who owns more than 9 companies including OBN Finance.

OBN Finance has become responsible for financing 1600 companies internationally including companies in China, Israel and notably Russia. This is what has led him to gain the capital necessary for worldwide financial growth.

OBN Finance is believed to be evaluated at 50-60 Million USD. Matteus Currently lives in Brazil and has been a loud voice in his Controversial Anti American Speakings.

(Potentially because of his work with the Russian Government.) Matteus Ribeiro also owns a Equity Firm, known internationally as OBN Equity or known in brazil as EquityBras, Matteus has operated on allocations from New York Hedge Funds such as Point72 or Citadel.

Industry experts have said that from OBN Equity alone, Matteus has Handled more than 60-80 Million USD of Investors money alone.

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