The Mabra Law Firm Shares How Lawyers Can Help Victims' Families in Wrongful Death Cases

Published March 16, 2023
Atlanta, Georgia -

The Mabra Law Firm is educating Georgia residents about the legal avenues available to them if their family member or loved one has died due to another party’s wrongful conduct.

Wrongful death cases are based on the premise that the accused failed to act with a certain level of care in a situation that caused the victim’s death. Proving negligent conduct on part of the party at fault is key in a wrongful death lawsuit. The threshold for negligence varies based on the circumstances surrounding the death, which can include traffic accidents, medical malpractice, workplace accidents, and more.

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“There are three things that you need to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt to a court for a wrongful death lawsuit to hold water,” founder and Managing Partner of The Mabra Law Firm, Ronnie Mabra, says, “First, the accused owed the deceased a reasonable level of care and what that level of care was. Second, the accused, due to their negligent actions or behavior, failed to provide that reasonable level of care. Finally, the failure to provide that reasonable level of care directly caused the death or conditions that led to the death of the deceased.”

Meeting the burden of proof in such a lawsuit can be tricky. However, once it has been established, victims are eligible for certain wrongful death benefits. According to The Mabra Law Firm, this includes medical expenses relating to the incident that led to the untimely death, costs associated with the funeral expenses, burial expenses, or memorial service for the victim, loss of income that was used to support any of the victim’s dependents, and additional monetary compensation for emotional distress, which can be difficult to quantify monetarily.

In most personal injury cases, it is not easy to prove negligent behavior because the challenge is proving the absence of responsible conduct rather than the presence of something nefarious. An experienced attorney will piece together every bit of evidence to recreate the circumstances surrounding the accident and paint a picture to demonstrate that the negligent actions of the accused caused the victim’s death.

Ronnie Mabra talks about the challenges that family members can face when pursuing wrongful death lawsuits by saying, “You can count on the party at fault to lawyer up. Often these lawyers represent insurance companies that are obligated to make the payout on their behalf. Since minimizing their employer’s liability is what these lawyers do day in and day out, you should also be wary of the techniques they use to spin a false narrative. All they care about is denying responsibility, and they won’t hesitate to trample your argument to protect their client. Bottom line, you shouldn’t go at it alone, and you need someone in your corner to protect you from the incoming onslaught.”

The Mabra Law Firm has been standing up and fighting to protect the rights of Georgians since 2007. The law firm has three locations in the state – Atlanta, South Georgia (Tifton), and Middle Georgia (Warner Robbins). Clients can approach Ronnie Mabra and his team for representation in a range of personal injury cases including bicycle accidents, wrongful death lawsuits, car wrecks, 18-wheeler wrecks, catastrophic injury, motorcycle wrecks, premise liability lawsuits, pedestrian crosswalk accidents, and more.

Georgians have showered the personal injury law firm with praise for its compassionate and attentive staff and responsive customer service, which they say they appreciated during their time of distress. On its Google Business Profile, The Mabra Law Firm has a near-perfect overall rating of 4.9 out of 5.0 from almost 700 reviews. Ronnie Mabra also boasts the distinction of being included in the 2020 Super Lawyers list for Georgia.

Readers looking for the best wrongful death lawyer in Georgia can reach out to The Mabra Law Firm at (888) 344-5655 or write to it at to schedule a free consultation. The firm does not charge upfront fees and only takes a small percentage of the awarded amount after the lawsuit is won or settled.


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