The 16th “China Tea Business Conference” and “Three-Tea” coordinated development Promotion Conference held in Songyang, Zhejiang Province

Published March 29, 2023


Under the accompaniment of "The Charm of Fragrant Tea", the 16th "China Tea Business Conference" and “Three-Tea” coordinated development Promotion Conference opened at the foot of Mount Dushan in Songyang County.



Songyang has more than 1,800 years of history of the county, its "tea age" and "county age" are similar. It is the typical representative of "100 miles of township, 100 miles of tea". After 16 years of development, the "Tea Business Conference" has become an important platform for tea merchants and tea people around the world to exchange "tea experience". "Songyang will continue to use this platform to fully demonstrate the profound heritage of the tea culture in Lishui, the strong strength of the tea industry, the wisdom of tea technology innovation, so that tea can become the golden card of Lishui to attract more visitors." Songyang is the main producing area of tea industry in Zhejiang, and also the main town of tea trade in China, which is in the leading position in tea production and operation in the province, and the development of tea economy enjoys a high reputation in the country. Songyang tea industry has become a pillar industry of rural revitalization, to achieve the "Three-Tea" common wealth of the main industry. "It is the hope of Songyang people to take the opportunity of this tea business conference, to further strengthen the policy guidance, technology support, subject cultivation, cultural leadership, continue to do a good job of "Three-Tea" coordinated development, build a comprehensive pattern of tea economy, leading the great development of Zhejiang tea."


Three ceremonies, is the focus of this event. Songyang officially introduced the "Songyang tea e-commerce policy", "Songyang tea brand cluster" and "Songyang tea garden ecological realization mechanism", aimed at Songyang to build "South Zhejiang tea city" to provide strong policy support, for the overall improvement of Songyang tea brand to provide a cluster to lead, for Songyang tea farmers to create a "carbon sink " favorable conditions for a new way to get rich.

During this event, Zhejiang Province held a “Three-Tea” coordinated development promotion conference, invited the leaders and experts and scholars of the province's major tea-producing areas, as well as the tea businessmen and tea people, to discuss the high-quality development of the tea industry. "Online + offline" special marketing, is the innovation of this year's tea conference. The activity of "Douyin Spring Tea Festival - Songyang Spring Tea Online Promotion Conference" will be promoted by "head anchor + 100 local anchors + county leaders" in the form of "government platform, platform assistance, tea merchants interaction", to further expand the network marketing. The "offline production and marketing connecting session" will join hands with the southern Zhejiang tea market, providing a platform for the majority of tea merchants to order spring tea, organic tea and large quantities.

As "China's top city of green tea", Songyang established online, offline multi-level marketing system. In 2022, southern Zhejiang tea market achieved trading volume of 81,700 tons, turnover of 6.539 billion yuan, ranking first in the country for many years in similar markets. Online sales have also achieved good results. The total online retail sales of tea reached 4.247 billion yuan, an increase of 63.91% over the same period of the previous year; at present, the county has cultivated more than 1,500 tea online stores, more than 400  e-commerce, providing more than 8,000 jobs for the county.

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