Surfe Launches Redesigned Website to Help Sales Teams Streamline Their Workflow Better

Published March 30, 2023

The popular Chrome extension that helps sales teams save time by connecting LinkedIn with their CRM, has announced the launch of its new website

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Paris, Île de France -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/30/2023 -- Paris - March, 30th. David Maurice Chevalier (CEO) and Romain Ginestou (CTO) founded Surfe (formerly known as Leadjet) in 2020. Originally, the company created a browser extension that allowed users to transfer contacts from LinkedIn to CRMs such as HubSpot, Salesforce, Pipedrive, and Copper. The company continuously rolls out new features to achieve the ambition of becoming the preferred revenue workspace for customer-facing teams by connecting all essential sales software, platforms, and CRMs. Its goal is to make sales, business development, and prospecting easier, quicker, and more efficient for such teams. Surfe's mission is to help sales teams streamline their workflow and increase productivity by minimizing friction caused by manual and admin tasks.

The new Surfe website: new features & improvements
The new Surfe website features an improved interface, an even smoother integration of LinkedIn with CRM platforms, and a more intuitive user experience. The website redesign also goes hand-in-hand with in-product improvements and new features introduced. With the new interface, users get access to the new layout of their CRM on top of LinkedIn, which allows for a more streamlined process when prospecting, selling, and managing data. Surfe makes synchronizing LinkedIn data to the user's CRM possible, without having to input anything manually or switch tabs while doing so.

The redesigned Surfe website offers a detailed overview of the range of new features and benefits, including a new side-panel dashboard that provides users with real-time insights into their sales pipeline, improved lead management capabilities, and enhanced reporting and analytics. Furthermore, the refreshed website is even easier to navigate and more native for users, with clear and straightforward flows. Surfe's new and improved blog section is easily navigable and provides different content, ranging from blog articles and videos to case studies and product updates.

The newly introduced SureSync serves as a unified window to the CRM from a LinkedIn profile, bringing all the features into one convenient location. This fresh interface comprises two tabs - the "Contacts" and "Deals", making it easier to create CRM records and sync contact information with the CRM, as well as start new deals and track them. Surfe also revamped its most loved "Add to CRM" feature, turning the button into a section in SurfeSync, from which prospects can be easily added to the CRM as contacts, leads, or to a new or existing deal.

The company keeps growing
Surfe's customers found the new website colorful and informative, fit for the product. Early users from Uber mentioned "Thanks to Surfe our sales cycle became much shorter. Its features and automatizations help us qualify leads quicker and more efficiently!" Lloyd Rayner, Head of Marketing Outbound Programs at Google Cloud, added, "Surfe has empowered our teams, providing them with real-time access to the data they need to prospect successfully."

With a substantial user presence in the US, France, Germany, and the UK, Surfe has established a strong client base of 1800+ companies, including globally recognized names like Google, Uber, Spendesk, Mirakl, and Opendoor. Impressively, the company is already generating an annual recurring revenue of over €1M and is ready to keep growing after raising €4M last year, in a seed round led by 360 Capital, to help revenue teams capture and serve clients more effectively.

The new Surfe website is available now and the Surfe extension can be downloaded and installed directly from the website. Users can also access the extension from the Chrome Web Store.

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