Streamline Your Inventory Management, Enhance Compliance and Improve Productivity with Timly's All-In-One ITAM Platform

Published February 23, 2023

Timly Software AG, a leading provider of cloud-based asset management software, has revolutionized traditional inventory management with its innovative solution. Timly provides a comprehensive and flexible solution that offers a 360° view of all assets, centralizing all inventory-related information in the cloud, connecting the management of inventory with employee certifications, automating maintenance processes, and facilitating yearly inventory management. The software tracks and manages all types of assets including machinery and tools, fleet, IT assets, and furniture and integrates maintenance management and consumable inventory tracking.

In a digital world, equipment such as laptops, computers, printers, iPads, phones, and other mobile devices are essential to our everyday work. Even vehicles and furniture such as desks and office chairs serve an important function. Timly's IT Asset Management (ITAM) software helps companies keep track of their assets and employees, reducing the risk of extra spending and failure to renew technologies. ITAM is a set of business operations that merge inventory, financial, and contractual obligations to optimize spending on IT products and support the long life of assets.

Timly streamlines the inventory management process, reducing administrative effort and costs, while ensuring compliance with regulatory and safety regulations. The software eliminates the need for manual IT asset management and provides real-time updates, tracks important appointments and alerts to issues with stock, and connects external service providers and internal information for fully-automated maintenance of assets.

The easy-to-use and affordable software aims to take the stress out of keeping on top of IT asset management tasks in an all-in-one platform. Timly's ITAM software detects hardware, captures and makes the data available, and tracks defects and the performance of a product until it's time to replace the item. This reduces the risk of unexpected burn-out of equipment and improves problem management. Timly is available for purchase on the website for businesses of any size and sector.

ITAM enforces compliance with cybersecurity policies and regulatory requirements, as well as improving productivity through technical support. The ITAM process captures asset data to maximize returns and drives increased business revenue. By utilizing current resources, IT managers can cut down on the need for excess software licenses, saving the company money. Timly allows customers to connect external service providers and internal information for fully-automated maintenance of assets, improving communication and understanding across departments.

Interested companies can request a free demo to test the software for themselves. Contact Timly today to learn more about how they can help digitize your assets and create complete transparency in your business.

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