Stage Meta introduces the Teleport Plaque Addresses: The most promising Solution to the Metaverse’s Addressing Issue

Published February 28, 2023

The Metaverse is the most important product out of Web3, but it is still very much a work in progress. While the efforts of several companies will certainly help it evolve in strides, the concept still has several big issues to overcome if it wants to become the new iteration of the internet.

Safety, privacy, and accountability may be ethical concerns for current and future users of the Metaverse, but when it comes to technological difficulties, one of the biggest problems the Metaverse is yet to overcome is the addressing issue, which keeps all the different Metaverses available right now from unifying.

The current internet uses IP and HTTP technologies to connect different web pages and allow seamless navigation between them. The Metaverse, however, has no such protocol.

The Metaverse needs a protocol that is simple enough for users and that all metaverses can share without risking giving the same name or address to different spaces. And while many solutions have been proposed, the most promising one comes from the innovative Canadian technology firm called Stage Meta.

Stage Meta has created a new technology called Teleport Plaque Addresses, which not only acts as a naming and addressing system but also acts as a gateway that would allow for navigation between metaverses.

The genius of the Teleport Plaque Addresses -or TPAs- is the way they work. Each address is a six-character code, with three letters and three numbers, that identifies every space. The user would only need to know this code and introduce it on the gateway, and they’d be transported to the correct space, no matter which Metaverse it is in, assuming other metaverse companies adopt Teleport Plaque Addresses as the shared Addressing Protocol.

And TPAs are a long-term solution. Given that there are 26 letters in the English alphabet and ten single-digit numbers, if we do the math: 26x26x26x10x10x10, we get an impressive 17,576,000 unique codes. It is safe to say there are enough TPAs to go around for a while, which makes them the most promising option for a unified protocol.

And which such a huge number of codes, it would take Stage Meta a small army to mint these plaques if it weren’t for the first tool in the ecosystem they are building around their TPAs. This tool is called the Automatic Minter Engine and, as the name suggests, allows the buyer to mint a virgin TPA instantaneously upon purchase.

The process is also very easy and short. All users must do is go to Stage Meta’s Webpage, input the desired code, and complete the purchase if the code is available. Both decentralized wallets and credit cards can be used as payment methods. The TPA will be minted as soon as the purchase is complete.

This engine allows individuals and companies to get a code that matches their online branding when migrating to the metaverse.

“We really want to see the metaverse happen,” said Vanessa García, Stage Meta’s Operations Manager. “We sat down and thought about what would make the most impact in the process of bringing the metaverse to reality, and we came to the conclusion that it had to be a solution to the addressing issue.”
García and the rest of Stage Meta’s team then proceeded to go through a grueling two-year-long process of trial and error until they reached the Teleport Plaque Addresses.

“We thought, ‘why are all these metaverses using different addressing systems?’ It’s very inefficient. So, we came up with the idea of just giving a simple code to each location, like a real-life street address. And it sort of evolved from there.”

Aside from being a very viable solution to the addressing and navigation issues in the metaverse, TPAs are also very stable assets. Unlike other digital assets, the price of TPAs depends only on the availability of codes, making the price very stable and giving the owner the security that the asset will only gain value as more TPAs are sold and availability diminishes.

Teleport Plaque Addresses really are the most promising solution to the Metaverse addressing issue, coming in hot with ease of use, stable prices, and automatic minting, all on the Ethereum blockchain to secure transparency and protect the system from fraud.

Stage Meta is based in Toronto but has a team from all over the world working on their TPAs and the ecosystem they have planned for them.

You can contact Stage Meta with the information below:

Azam Mohabatian

Instagram: @Stagemeta.tpa

Twitter: @StageMeta_TPA


Reddit: r/StageMeta_TPA
Address: 67 Yonge Street, Toronto, M5E 1J8, ON, Canada

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