Sora Finance Raises $3.9M to Offer Credit Management as a Service to Financial Advisors and Employers

Published March 3, 2023

Sora Finance, a fintech startup providing credit management and liability optimization as a service to financial advisors, planners, and employers, just announced a previously undisclosed $3.9M in funding. 

Sora seamlessly onboards clients' existing liabilities and executes advanced credit optimization strategies across all loans to maximize clients' net worth. By partnering with wholesale and retail lenders, Sora guarantees advisors' clients the lowest cost of debt. With over 125 advisory firms and $275 million in liabilities under management already on board, Sora has proven itself to be a valuable asset to financial professionals.

"Liability management is critical for advisors, but it's also time-consuming and complex," says Siddhartha Oza, Co-Founder and Co-CEO of Sora Finance. "Sora is the best and really the only option for advisors looking to provide their clients with a comprehensive credit management solution. We're able to deliver significant value to both financial advisors and their clients given our innovative technology and partnerships with leading lenders." Sora's credit management services unlock an optimization opportunity for more than 73% of clients while also helping clients secure the lowest rates and best client experience on new loans. 

For new home loans, Sora recently launched a "buy now, refi later for free" offer to support individuals looking to secure the lowest cost of debt now and in the future. Sora guarantees great rates on a new mortgage and will automatically refinance the loan with no fee for the next five years, making homeownership more accessible in spite of current interest rates.

Sora is excited to open up its services to people who are looking to buy homes and have been on the sidelines due to the macro environment. "We're proud to help folks on our platform save money and build wealth through smarter credit management. Simply put, most Americans don't optimize their debt and pay too much," says Rohit G. Agarwal, Co-Founder and Co-CEO of Sora Finance. "Our latest offering for new home buyers is just the beginning of our commitment to making financial wellness and really the American dream of home ownership more widely accessible."

Sora has raised a previously undisclosed $3.9 million from prominent venture investors, including Peterson Ventures, New Era Capital Partners, Launchpad Capital, Fairbridge Park, Tubbs Ventures, Creative Capital, and Endurance Companies. Strategic angels include the CEOs of Esusu, Cadre, Propel, and Bloomtech. Advisors looking to utilize Sora's comprehensive offering should sign up here: Individuals looking to leverage our Buy Now, ReFi Later for Free offer can sign up for a limited time here: For further information, please email

Contact Information:
Siddhartha Oza
Co-Founder, Co-CEO

Rohit Agarwal
Co-Founder, Co-CEO

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