Sleep And Perform Is Helping Entrepreneurs Overcome Hustle Culture

Published February 13, 2023

Sleep and Perform is a new brand led by entrepreneur and coach Gary J Allman. With his expertise in sleep coaching and productivity, Gary aims to help high performing entrepreneurs and coaches take their energy, performance, and business to the next level through sleep optimization, health tracking, genetic testing and more.

The idea of Sleep and Perform was born out of Gary’s desire to help other entrepreneurs become more productive while still maintaining a healthy lifestyle and maximizing their longevity in business. Having previously worked with 8 figure entrepreneurs such as YouTube™ leader and influencer Hamza Ahmed, Gary has seen first hand the power of sleep optimization when it comes to business performance.

He believes that allowing ourselves to prioritize our own health can go a long way in improving our productivity levels while at the same time increasing revenue growth.

Sleep and Perform specialize in helping you better understand your sleep patterns through data tracking as well as exploring health-related topics such as genetic testing. This can help individuals create healthier habits which will ultimately improve their overall wellbeing, performance and health. Furthermore, understanding how to optimize one’s sleep can also lead to higher focus levels which can result in improved mental clarity and discipline, as well as, a greater appreciation for life itself.

Gary also wants people to be aware of the dangers of hustle culture. Speaking from first hand experience, working 12+ hours a day 3 years ago in his corporate job, as well as helping coach his wife to overcome depression, he knows that working long hours on a regular basis often leads people to find themselves stuck in cycles of burnout and lack of motivation due to being overworked. That is why he encourages individuals to take breaks where they can focus on self-care routines that involve having adequate rest. Doing so will lead not only to better work performance, but also increased happiness levels due to feeling more energized throughout the day.

By recognizing the importance of taking care of ourselves first before jumping into business ventures or juggling tasks at hand, Sleep and Perform aims to provide entrepreneurs with an alternative path towards success by helping them create healthier habits which will benefit them both personally and professionally.

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