Shore and Chore™ Announces Partnership with Repurpose Recycling to Remove Plastics from our Oceans

Published March 31, 2023

Naperville, IL - Shore and Chore™ is happy to announce a partnership with Repurpose Recycling to finance the collection, removal and recycling of ocean-bound plastic. Shore and Chore committed to stop 5,000 lbs. of plastic from entering the oceans and will commit to stop an additional 1 lb. of plastic from entering the oceans for every cart sold. These efforts have already enabled 125 fair pay work days for people affected by poverty, and will continue to support fair pay work in developing countries.

“When Shore and Chore was founded just a few years ago, the mission was to build a better and more versatile utility wagon while at the same time being environmentally conscious. Not just in the manufacturing, distribution or marketing processes but throughout every nuance of the business,” said Curt Kramer, Founder and Owner of Shore and Chore. Shore and Chore is passionate about cleaning up the world because as the Lorax says, “Unless someone like you [us] cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better, it's just not.”

As part of this mission, Shore and Chore partnered with Repurpose Recycling to finance the collection, removal and recycling of ocean-bound plastic. Repurpose Recycling is an up-and-coming company focused on solving marine plastic pollution. This partnership will show a clear, traceable impact as Repurpose Recycling has integrated each step of the ocean plastic collection process into their operations from collection to final delivery at the manufacturing facility. “More companies need to follow Shore and Chore’s lead and increase good in the world by neutralizing or minimizing their plastic footprint,” Repurpose Recycling Founder Jeremy Porter said.

More About Shore and Chore

Shore and Chore was founded by Curt Kramer who developed a more versatile utility wagon. He initially designed the cart to help consumers get their boards or kayaks, plus all of their other gear, to the beach in one easy trip, but soon realized the cart could be used for so much more. The Shore and Chore canvas side panels are heavy-duty covers that slip over and strap into the cart’s frame giving added protection to one's load, with an inside padded panel that can be flipped down across the bottom of the cart to protect items from being scratched. Roomy outside pockets provide lots of additional cargo space for smaller items or holding drinks. Bungee ball tie-down straps are included to secure items.

For those living a bit further from the beach, use the bike attachment kit. Beyond the beach, and with its heavy-duty 400 lbs. cargo capacity, the Shore and Chore is versatile enough to be used for chores around the house, in the yard or garden or in a warehouse setting. Whether one is at the beach or doing chores around the house or yard, the Shore and Chore cart will make life easier.

Contact Info: Curt Kramer - - 630.877.1454.

More About Repurpose Recycling

With current operations in Guatemala, Repurpose Recycling is focusing efforts on the Maria Linda and Achiguate Rivers, where more than 3.2 million pounds of plastic flows into the Pacific Ocean each year. It aims not only to collect and recycle ocean-bound plastic, but to transform the lives of those experiencing poverty by creating jobs and opportunities in impoverished areas. In just under two years of operations, Repurpose Recycling and its 150+ collectors have removed over 200,000 pounds of ocean-bound plastic from the environment, with that number increasing daily.

In its corporate partnerships, Repurpose Recycling offers plastic offset credits that can be used in a myriad of ways, allowing companies to become plastic neutral, plastic positive, or offer a “1-pound promise,” where one offset credit can be purchased for every product sold, thereby funding the removal of plastic from the environment.

Contact Info: Jeremy Porter - - 385.209.5338.


For more information about Shore And Chore, contact the company here:

Shore And Chore
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