ShopSavvy Launches AI Powered Feature "Smart Reviews"

Published January 27, 2023

Dallas, Texas, United States - 01-27-2023 (PR Distribution™) -

Smart Reviews is a new feature that aggregates consumer opinions from thousands of reviews in one easily digestible summary with every product search inside ShopSavvy for iOS.

Monolith Technologies, the makers of the ShopSavvy application are proud to announce a new AI powered review summary feature called “Smart Reviews”.  Smart Reviews is built using Large Language Model technology to power shoppers' buying decisions.  This implementation is deployed with the latest in next generation language comprehension models.  

Smart Reviews is available on iOS for users to try out today on electronics related product searches on the ShopSavvy platform.  It will be available beyond just electronics products searches and on Android as well as ShopSavvy’s shopping extension shortly.

“Shoppers often do a lot of research on reviews before they buy.  Typically they’ll look at the most positive and negative reviews for a given product to decide between different brands.   Seeing other shoppers rants and raves about a product helps us get more comfortable with the buying decision and the ultimate purchase.  Using AI we can summarize the most salient positive and negative opinions so users can quickly see red flags before buying”  Said John S. Boyd, CEO. 

“We’ve been using machine learning to power cross retailer product matching for years now but we think this is a perfect use case for some of the new AI technologies that are available to really make buying choices easier.  AI is used to summarize thousands of user opinions into an easily digestible bullet list of the most relevant pros and cons.  Many shoppers spend hours or days examining reviews before making a purchase- using AI, we can do this for shoppers in seconds with Smart Reviews“

“ShopSavvy is known for aggregating the latest price and availability data to users and  now we’re bringing that same comprehensive real time shopping data to the world of product reviews, and with an AI twist to save users even more time!” said Jake Marsh, Head of Product.

“This feature has been in testing and iteration the last few months and we’ll be watching closely how our users interact and utilize this feature to make smarter buying decisions.   We’ve made it easy for users to give us feedback on this feature and will guide improvements in the AI, and our overall future AI roadmap."

iPhone users can download the mobile app through the iTunes App Store at

ShopSavvy for Desktop Chrome can be downloaded at:

Android users can download ShopSavvy on Google Play at:

 About Monolith Technologies

Monolith Technologies, Inc was formed by the former co-founders and early employees of ShopSavvy with over 40 million downloads. Monolith builds and own apps that power mobile commerce for the billions of shoppers coming online every year.   These technologists believe there should be a legtimate alternative beyond just Google and Amazon when searching for products.

 About ShopSavvy

ShopSavvy is the leading mobile shopping community with millions of monthly active users during the holiday season. ShopSavvy empowers smartphone users to quickly and seamlessly locate, research and buy products at the point of sale. ShopSavvy aggregates product data, deals, ratings and reviews from retailers, partners and its own users to provide the most comprehensive source of information and advice for mobile shoppers anywhere. For advertisers, ShopSavvy delivers hyper-relevant deals, promotions, warranty offers and other UPC/GPS-targeted content to consumers. For more information, visit


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