Shattering Barriers and Stereotypes with Determination, Vlogigurl is a Fast-Rising Star in the Tattoo Industry

Published March 31, 2023

Nadine Harvey, also known as Vlogigurl, is quickly becoming an icon in the fashion and tattoo industry. With her unique style of modeling photos and fashion content shared online, she is gaining fans all over the world. But it doesn’t stop there – her amazing tattoo artwork has made her a shining star in the male-dominated tattoo industry.

Originally from California, Nadine started off by showcasing her breathtaking and edgy modeling shots across popular social media platforms. Her fan base exploded as people couldn’t get enough of her creative portfolio. Soon after that, she began to take on more tattoo commissions, with each one being completely unique with original designs that quickly caught people’s attention. Today she has created over 300 tattoos and has gained hundreds of thousands of followers.

Her work has been featured in popular magazines such as the Tattoo Industry Magazine and she has worked with top celebrities and famous brands across the globe. She is truly an inspiration for many aspiring artists who want to break through a male-dominated industry and prove that women can make their mark just as powerfully as men can. “I just want to assure my fellow female aspiring tattoo artists that if you have the zeal to perform nobody can stop you from shining even in a male-dominated industry,” she says.

No stranger to hard work, Nadine has made quite a name for herself with her signature Black and Grey tattoos. She is usually booked months ahead of time due to the high demand for her work. However, she is also trained and experienced in working with colored tattoos. Her creative designs have earned her respect from fellow artists and clients alike.

Nadine's work speaks for itself; it is apparent why she is so sought-after by today’s clientele. With each design that she creates, she brings something new to the table - always pushing boundaries with innovative styles and techniques that broaden our definition of what it means to be an artist in ink. As more women begin to explore this craft - both professionally and personally – they have Nadine Harvey to thank for paving the way.

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