Sharpstown Family Dentist, Sensitive Teeth Treatment & Prevention Program Update

Published April 1, 2023

A new awareness campaign launched by Dentist 101 provides updated information about sensitive teeth, including the most common causes, modern treatments, and what individuals can do to prevent them.

More information about dental treatments for sensitive teeth and related services from Dental 101 near Sharpstown, Houston, can be found at

The new campaign explains that, while tooth sensitivity is a common problem affecting as much as 40% of people, many of the most common causes can be prevented. Individuals already suffering from sensitive teeth are encouraged to speak to their dentists and discuss the topic during their next check-up, to form a plan for treatment and prevention of further damage.

The clinic suggests that while there are many potential causes for sensitivity, one of the most common and easiest to prevent is over-brushing. This can be caused by brushing too hard, too often, or with too hard of a toothbrush. The dentists quote the American Dental Association, which says people should, "brush their teeth for two minutes twice a day with a toothbrush that has soft bristles." Learn more at

Dental 101 offers several dental treatments that can provide long-term relief from sensitive teeth, though how effective they are will depend on the original cause. One of the team's dentists can determine what the root cause of the issue is and choose the most suitable treatment, which range from wearing a mouth guard overnight, to dental fillings, or even a root canal.

A spokesperson for Dental 101 explained, "Regular dental check-ups are an important part of preventive health care... Signs and symptoms of some diseases might show up in the mouth first and your dentist will suggest that you see your doctor. During a dental exam, the dentist or hygienist will check for cavities and gum diseases, and clean your teeth."

More information about treatments for sensitive teeth, their most common causes, and other health information from Dental 101 can be found at

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