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Published March 20, 2023
Los Angeles, California -

Los Angeles, CA based Schwartzman & Associates, Inc. is pleased to direct the community to Internet Marketing Gold’s (IMG), all-encompassing series of training courses on internet marketing and SEO. According to the company, there are few resources as complete or expansive as this series, and it is in every digital marketer’s best interests to sign up today.

Many are already aware that the last decade alone has seen an exponential rise in business opportunities thanks to social media and search engine optimization, and the pace of advancement is only increasing as time goes by. Therefore, the longer someone waits to learn and secure SEO certification, the more likely it is they will find themselves without the skills to analyze and increase search rankings in the near future. They will also be leaving a great deal of value unrealized as a result.

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Eric Schwartzman of Schwartzman & Associates, Inc. is one party who seeks to help more individuals and businesses capitalize on these opportunities, and he recently came across Internet Marketing Gold while pursuing his own quest for more knowledge. As an SEO trainer, Schwartzman has already helped many people get started in SEO — but he's always learning new skills, and he says beginning, intermediate, and expert-stage SEO enthusiasts should pay attention to these SEO training courses. Notably, Schwartzman himself subscribes to the SEO courses to continuously brush up and advance his knowledge on occasion.

“Internet Marketing Gold is where I go when I want to improve my SEO skills," says Schwartzman, who has 74,000 enrolled students in his own SEO Training course on Udemy (which has 2.5 hours on-demand video and 7 hours of on-demand training). “It’s a library of practical, actionable SEO training courses to show you how to optimize your website and drive more traffic and conversions. It is an absolutely incredible resource.”

SEO, or search engine organization, is the practice of analyzing and supporting a search engine alorithm’s priorities in order to link specific terms or phrases (known as keywords) with a business, service or product. Those unfamiliar with the field may not understand why this is so important to online marketers, but the truth is that good SEO can lead to massive returns, even delivering customer engagement an order of magnitude above traditional advertising for a fraction of the investment. This is because it leads customers to find the business in question on their own, fueled almost entirely by their own desire to make a purchase.

There are a number of prominent web and ecommerce platforms, according to Schwartzman, on which digital marketing efforts can be used to search optimize web pages, including WordPress, Shopify and Google Business Profile, and Internet Marketing Gold covers virtually all of the most crucial names. It may, however, prove to have somewhat of a steeper learning curve for anyone who has not yet explored the SEO industry at all, but anyone in this position can simply take Schwartzman’s own course to learn the fundamentals.

While that is enough to get started, he strongly recommends that a student’s next step be to sign up with Internet Marketing Gold. There, they will learn the practical applications of Local SEO, A/B Testing, Affiliate Marketing, Cloud Stacks, Content Audits, Backlink Analysis and more.

“Whether you’re looking to build your skills as an SEO professional, enhance your digital marketing knowledge or simply improve your website’s visibility and rankings,” he says, “this complete SEO training course library is the gold standard in SEO training and the best choice for anyone looking to succeed in the world of digital marketing.

The SEO courses include insight on running (and comprehending) SEO analytics, updating ecommerce platforms to meet the requirements of target search engines, how to entice customers to visit a brand’s website (and then encourage conversions) and more. Whatever questions a student of SEO may have about the field, they will have it answered in this comprehensive series of courses.

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Schwartzman has partnered with Internet Marketing Gold to make the courses even more accessible to everyone in the community. Those interested can read more about IMG on his blog for more details on the the SEO training course library. They can also use his affiliate link for a deep discount.


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