EnergyCAP Eco Champion Award Winners Announced

Published May 2, 2024

News Source: EnergyCAP Inc

STATE COLLEGE, Pa., May 2, 2024 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — In the inaugural EnergyCAP Eco Champion Awards, leaders in sustainability and energy efficiency were celebrated across a diverse range of industries and use cases. All awards are based on submissions from the 2023 calendar year.

This year’s awards included the following categories:


WINNER: The University of California System has earned the distinction of being named this year’s Most Sustainable Organization, a testament to its wide-ranging and strategic approach to sustainability. Across its numerous campuses, the UC system has set ambitious carbon neutrality goals, embarked on renewable energy projects, and implemented waste reduction initiatives. Its leadership role in the higher education sector for sustainability, a firm commitment to decarbonization, and detailed sustainability reporting have established a high standard for others to follow.

This commendation is further bolstered by the UC system’s significant pivot from relying on carbon offsets to making a firm commitment towards the full decarbonization of its operations, a move that signals a deepened commitment to reducing its carbon footprint. Acknowledging the limitations of carbon offsets, the UC system has opted for direct action in emissions reduction across its ten campuses and five medical centers. Utilizing EnergyCAP, the UC system meticulously tracks and manages utility usage, enabling precise reporting on Scope 1 and 2 GHG emissions. This systematic and organized approach to energy data underscores the UC system’s effective strategy in monitoring, analyzing, and reporting its sustainability progress systemwide.

RUNNERS UP: The University of Cincinnati, Miami-Dade County, FL, and Chesterfield County, VA.

RISING STAR: AFL Global is recognized as a rising star in sustainability.


WINNER: The United States Department of State’s Bureau of Overseas Buildings Operations has been honored with the “Most Energy Costs Avoided in 2023” award, a distinction that underscores its leadership in energy efficiency and cost management. This achievement is significantly attributed to Energy Manager, Jennifer (Jenna) Faupel, PE, CEM, who spearheaded the Department’s Energy Analytics program. Under her guidance, the Department successfully navigated the complexities of managing energy consumption and invoices across 244 global locations, dealing with challenges such as multiple languages, currencies, vendors, and rate schedules.

Jenna’s leadership in implementing the EnergyCAP system has not only facilitated the identification and realization of considerable cost savings but has also supported the Department’s strategic energy management and greenhouse gas inventory efforts. Despite the daunting task of coordinating a vast and complex data set with limited resources, Jenna’s focus on utility cost savings has yielded impressive results:

Total 2023 Savings Achieved: $1.3 million to date, with over $5 million in identified potential savings projects pending.

2023 Utility Agreement Modifications Resulting in Annual Cost Savings:

  • $155,000 at the US Embassy Jakarta for adjusted minimum billed electricity use.
  • $219,000 at the US Consulate General Karachi by shifting to a time-of-use tariff.
  • $305,000 at the US Embassy N’Djamena through minimum billed demand adjustments.
  • $60,000 at the US Consulate General Johannesburg, also through minimum billed demand changes.

RUNNERS UP: The University of Cincinnati and Charlotte County, FL


Winner: The University of Texas Medical Branch (UTMB) has distinguished itself by securing the Trifecta Award, thanks to its dual nominations and the tangible energy savings achieved using EnergyCAP’s comprehensive suite of software solutions. Since adopting EnergyCAP in 2017, UTMB has effectively leveraged the software for a variety of purposes, including data collection, Bill CAPture, chargebacks, and, more recently, the integration of SmartAnalytics and CarbonHub.

One notable success story from UTMB’s application of EnergyCAP SmartAnalytics involved the identification of a malfunctioning chilled water valve, which, once corrected, yielded $25,000 in savings within just a year. This instance, particularly exemplified by the improvements made in the Customs House, is just a starting point for UTMB, as they aim to extend these energy-saving practices across their facilities, demonstrating a scalable model of efficiency and sustainability.

CAPTION: Image shows how UTMB recognized $25,000 in savings a year with improvements made to “Customs House” visualized here in EnergyCAP.

RUNNERS UP: University of New Mexico and the University of Nebraska-Lincoln


WINNER: The University of Cincinnati was awarded the “Most Creative Energy Project” for its course, “Energy, Environment and Society,” co-taught by Eugene Rutz and Sid Thatham. This innovative course educates students from all disciplines about energy technologies, policies, and practices globally through debates, tours, presentations, and a hands-on capstone project where students devise real-world energy solutions. A unique aspect is its study-abroad program in Scotland, where students compare international energy perspectives with domestic ones, gaining insights from various sectors.

The course aims to empower the next generation of leaders with a deep understanding of the complex factors influencing energy policy and sustainability. By incorporating tools like EnergyCAP UtilityManagement and EnergyCAP CarbonHub, it will enable students to analyze real energy and carbon data, fostering critical thinking and practical problem-solving skills. This recognition underscores the University of Cincinnati’s commitment to preparing students to address and influence the future of energy and sustainability critically and creatively.

RUNNER UP:  The Youth in Energy Empowerment Program (YEEP) followed closely as runner up with its inspiring initiatives to grow and train the next generation of sustainability professionals.


Winner: The Pennsylvania State University received the “Most Creative Sustainability Project” award for its nine-acre Sustainability Experience Center. This living laboratory on the University Park campus engages in sustainability across food, energy, water, and community systems. Highlight projects include the Eco-Machine, which purifies wastewater while producing biofuels, and the MorningStar Solar Home, a fully renewable-energy powered residence that exemplifies energy self-sufficiency.


WINNER: The St. Johns County School District (SJCSD)’s distribution of its energy incentives through its public dashboards has earned it the “Best Public Dashboard” award.

In September 2008, the School Board adopted an innovative Energy Management Program (EMP) aimed at controlling and optimizing the cost and consumption of energy and related products across all district facilities.

Since the inception of the EMP, the footprint of SJCSD’s facilities has expanded significantly; the district’s gross facility footprint grew by over 35% from 4,977,748 square feet in 2008 to 6,746,702 square feet by the end of FY 2020. Despite this growth, the district has demonstrated remarkable efficiency improvements and cost savings through its energy management strategies and has publicized the data through its EnergyCAP Public Dashboard.

The SJCSD’s efforts are highlighted through comprehensive dashboards that track energy, water, and sewer usage and costs across more than 40 school sites and over 180 accounts. While natural gas utility bills are currently tracked outside of the Energy Management Program, the district is actively working to integrate all commodities into its energy management system. St. Johns County SD’s Utilities Overview dashboard


EnergyCAP applauds all 2023 Eco Champion Awards winners and runners-up for their dedication to pioneering sustainable practices, reducing environmental footprints, and leading by example in their communities and beyond. Their achievements are a testament to the potential of collective efforts in making a significant impact on our planet’s health and future.

For more information about the awards and this year’s winners, download the 2023 Eco Champions ebook:

Winners will receive their physical awards at the Eco Champion awards ceremony happening at EnergyCAP’s annual training conference, Catalyst 2024, in Denver, Colorado.

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