San Jose Tree Service Pros Implements New Methods to Minimize Disturbance to Wildlife and Surrounding Ecosystems

Published February 21, 2023

San Jose, CA – San Jose Tree Service Pros is proud to announce the implementation of its new tree removal methods designed to minimize disruption to wildlife and surrounding ecosystems. With the increased number of trees being removed due to disease, storm damage, and other causes, the company is exploring solutions that will achieve safety and aesthetic goals and respect nature around the city.

These solutions include carefully controlled cutting, pruning, and trimming techniques to ensure trees are removed without causing any further damage to nearby plants and animals. Additionally, all debris from the tree is collected and disposed of in an eco-friendly manner.

Tree Service  San Jose and Tree Removal

The company understands that removing trees can be detrimental to local ecosystems if done incorrectly, so they have also put measures in place to monitor any potential harm or damage caused by the removal process. This includes tracking water drainage patterns and soil levels and assessing air quality during tree removal.

In addition to its new tree removal methods, San Jose Tree Service Pros offers a full range of services, including site clearing, stump grinding, lot clearing, brush chipping, and more. These services are designed to meet safety goals while promoting biodiversity through careful conservation practices. San Jose Tree Service Pros hopes to help preserve the ecosystems for future generations by providing these services within the local community.

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“At San Jose Tree Service Pros, we understand the importance of preserving the natural beauty of our environment,” said Justin Gilfillan, CEO of San Jose Tree Service Pros. “Our goal is to provide a safe, efficient, and environmentally friendly service for our customers while protecting the local wildlife and ecosystems.”

The new tree removal process begins with an assessment of the tree to determine what type of removal method would be best, followed by careful cutting and removal of the branches and trunk. This process allows them to use various techniques to control the direction of the falling tree and reduce the impact on nearby plants and animals.

Once the tree has been removed, San Jose Tree Service Pros will take steps to restore the area to its pre-removal condition. This includes replanting native species and creating a protective barrier around the newly planted trees to ensure they are given every chance to thrive.

The team is also working hard to protect migrating birds in San Jose, California, by eliminating potential hazards during tree removal operations. For example, if a tree needs to be removed during nesting season, San Jose Tree Service Pros carefully checks for any active nests before removal. If a nest is found, they complete the job without disturbing it to protect the birds and their eggs.

San Jose Tree Service Pros are committed to providing superior service while ensuring that nature is respected and valued. They strive to go above and beyond in all aspects of their work, including providing customer education about how their services can benefit local ecosystems.

For more information on San Jose Tree Service Pros and their new tree removal methods, please visit their offices at 1856 Monrovia Dr, San Jose, CA, 95122. Alternatively, homeowners can contact the company at 650-590-7056 and


For more information about San Jose Tree Service Pros, contact the company here:

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