San Antonio Tree Pros Honored by Local Chamber of Commerce

Published March 1, 2023

San Antonio, TXSan Antonio Tree Pros, a leading provider of tree care services in the greater San Antonio area, has been recognized by the Greater San Antonio Chamber of Commerce (GSACC) for their contributions to the community and local economy. San Antonio Tree Pros was commended at the GSACC annual event held this month for its commitment to providing local residents with quality tree care services and jobs.

San Antonio Tree Pros is well-known for its 20 years of experience providing professional tree care services to residents in the San Antonio area. From trimming and pruning to stump grinding, San Antonio Tree Pros has the expertise and equipment to meet all tree care needs. In addition, they offer various services that promote healthy tree growth, including fertilizing treatments and insect and disease prevention programs.

San Antonio Tree Pruning

At the GSACC annual event, San Antonio Tree Pros was recognized by the Chamber for its impact not only on the local economy but also on the community at large. As a trusted provider of quality tree care services, San Antonio Tree Pros has helped local homeowners maintain their beautiful landscapes while providing numerous jobs to residents. In addition, they have become an important part of the greater San Antonio area's green infrastructure by helping to preserve trees in parks throughout the city. For this reason, both business owners and homeowners have praised San Antonio Tree Pros for their dedication to the community.

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"We are honored to receive such an esteemed recognition from the GSACC," said Chrystal Kelli, CEO of San Antonio Tree Pros. "At San Antonio Tree Pros, we strive to provide exceptional service to our customers while creating job opportunities for our local communities. This recognition is a testament to all the hard work that our team has put in over the years."

San Antonio Tree Pros employs experienced arborists and certified tree experts committed to providing quality services to their customers. They also promote sustainability among their clients through eco-friendly products and practices.

"At San Antonio Tree Pros, we understand the importance of caring for our environment," said Kelli. "That's why we ensure that all our products and processes are designed sustainably. We also strive to educate our customers on how they can improve their yard or property through sustainable practices."

San Antonio Tree Pros has been a valued Greater San Antonio Chamber of Commerce member since 2015. In addition to providing exceptional tree care services, the company has significantly contributed to the local economy over the years.

"We are extremely proud of our members like San Antonio Tree Pros that have gone above and beyond to support our community and economy," said Gary Jarvis, a senior manager at the GSACC. "The support that San Antonio Tree Pros has provided to our community is invaluable, and we are thrilled to be able to recognize them for their contributions."

The GSACC award is just one of many accolades that San Antonio Tree Pros has received over the years. The company has been honored with numerous awards from organizations such as the International Society of Arboriculture (ISA), the Tree Care Industry Association (TCIA), and the Texas Urban Forestry Council (TUFC).

"It is truly an honor to receive recognition from the GSACC and other organizations for our commitment to excellence," said Kelli. "We are passionate about what we do at San Antonio Tree Pros and plan to continue providing excellent services and job opportunities to our local communities for many years to come."

San Antonio Tree Pros is a leading provider of tree care services in the greater San Antonio area, with offices at 1721 South WW White Road Suite 120 - 34 San Antonio, TX, 78220. Tree owners can contact the company at 210-879-8767 and


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San Antonio Tree Pros
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