Robot End Effector Market Assessment View See Stable Growth Gaining by 2031 | ABB, Kuka AG, Millibar, Inc., Piab AB

Published April 19, 2023

robot end effector is a device that is attached to the end of a robotic arm and is used to interact with the environment. End effectors can be grippers, which are used to grab and hold objects, or they can be tools, which are used to perform tasks such as welding, drilling, or painting.

Key Trends

There are three key trends in Robot End Effector technology:

Increasing use of collaborative robots: Collaborative robots are becoming increasingly popular in manufacturing and other industries. These robots are designed to work safely alongside humans, and their use is growing in applications such as pick-and-place tasks, packaging, and assembly.

Increasing use of vision systems: Vision systems are playing an increasingly important role in robot end effectors. These systems allow robots to accurately identify and track objects, which is critical for applications such as pick-and-place and assembly.

Increasing use of grippers: Grippers are an essential component of many robot end effectors. They allow robots to pick up and manipulate objects.

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Key Drivers

The key drivers of the Robot End Effector market are the growing demand for automation in various industries, the increasing adoption of robots in manufacturing and assembly operations, and the need for efficient and reliable grippers and end effectors.

The automotive industry is one of the major end-users of robots and grippers. The increasing demand for automobiles is driving the growth of the automotive industry, which, in turn, is driving the growth of the robot end effector market.

The rising labor costs and the need for efficient and cost-effective production are driving the adoption of robots in manufacturing and assembly operations. The increasing demand for advanced and customized grippers and end effectors is driving the growth of the robot end effector market.

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Market Segments

By Type

  • Grippers
  • Process Tools
  • Sensors
  • Tool Changers

By Application

  • Handling
  • Assembling
  • Welding
  • Others

By End-User

  • Automotive
  • Electronics
  • Food & Beverage
  • Metal & Machinery
  • Others

By Robot Type

  • Traditional Industrial Robots
  • Collaborative Robots

Key Players

  • ABB
  • Dover Corporation
  • Kuka AG
  • Millibar, Inc.
  • Piab AB
  • Robotiq
  • Schmalz
  • Bastian Solutions
  • Weiss Robotics GmbH & Co. KG
  • Zimmer Group

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