Rewards4Earth Introduces Erth - the Profitable Solution to Business's Environmental & Social (ESG) Obligations

Published February 13, 2023

Rewards4Earth is proud to introduce the Erth system, a revolutionary new solution that enables businesses to address their ESG obligations profitably, by using Erths unique patented digital marketing, loyalty and ESG system through smartphone Apps. 

Erth operates with the Visa/MasterCard/EFTPOS payment gateway network using their automated REACTS (Rewards4Earth Automated Card Transaction System) to attract and keep customers and fulfill the Businesss ESG obligations simultaneously. Rewards4Earth is part of the Oracle Partner Network where all data and software is held to ensure the worlds best security using Oracle databases and servers. 

The Erth system enables businesses to reward customers with Erth as loyalty points when a card payment transaction is made, just like an old fashion rewards point system. But this is next gen as it all happens seamlessly with the customer knowing they have received Erth Points before the cashier does, the cashier may never know. With Erth the customer receives the Erth Points on their App and the customer owns them, and they can increase or decrease in value depending on the market value. The customer can spend them at any business in the world that accepts the or purchase ErthPay gift Cards that can be used at 20,000+ businesses in Australia, spreading worldwide soon. By keeping the customer in the reward point ecosystem this ensures that Erth is not classified as a security and therefore can operate in the USA.  

Erth also enables micropayment revenue sharing, simultaneously gifting Erth to the customer, the customers nominated Club, Church, Charity or Not-for-Profit (CCC) taking care of the community or Social part of ESG. Erth also gifts the same amount of Erth to the planet to fund environmental repair projects, taking care of the Environment part of ESG. CCCs and the Foundation can sell their Erth via exchanges to businesses for their next purchase where they gift Erth creating an economic ecosystem that does not rely on speculators. 

Plus Erth is also gifted to the Erth Ambassador network who enlist Businesses and CCCs into the system and receive a small percentage of every sale. This has unique benefits to traditional and digital Advertising Mediums, in the form of residual income from every sale the business they enlisted into the Erth system makes where Erth Points are earned. And/or from every purchase made by every customer they introduce into the Erth System when that customer earns Erth Points anywhere in the world. Erth will not only revolutionize the world of ESG, but it can also change the way advertising mediums such as TV earn their revenue.     

The Erth system is also unique in that it operates as a pay-per-sale digital marketing platform with zero risk for businesses and CCCs. Businesses only pay when they make a sale, and CCCs share in that revenue that was already paid as they were gifted their Erth. 

"Delivering value to customers while solving ESG issues for businesses while supporting CCCs and helping to save the Planet is the driving force that should cause Erth Points to overtake Bitcoin as the most important cryptocurrency in the world once the Crypto world understands they need to add value rather than just FOMO," said Chris Bilborough, CEO of Erth Points.

At the time of writing, The Erth Points system is currently available in Australia and is being tested in New Zealand, the UK, and Singapore, and will soon be rolled out worldwide, including in the United States. After numerous discussions with the SEC, Erth Points have legal opinion that it is not a security under SEC legislation in the USA, making it one of the exclusive few cryptos that are not considered a security.

Just for interest, unlike Bitcoin, which has been criticized for its high electricity consumption and negative environmental impact, the Erth Points system operates on a sustainable and socially responsible model. A portion of every purchase made using the Erth Points system is directed toward repairing environmental damage and supporting not-for-profit organizations rather than damaging it like Bitcoin mining..

In summary, if all 3 billion Facebook users collected $2 per week in Erth as a reward point, over $6 billion per week would go towards repairing environmental damage, enabling Erth Points to fund an army of eco-warriors and environmental projects. Plus there would be $6Billion per week going back to customers and another $6Billion per week funding CCCs. This does not take into consideration business-to-business or business-to-government transactions, further increasing the demand for Erth Points and positioning it as a more viable option. 

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About Erth Points

Rewards4Earth is a Solutions company specializing in making ESG profitable through Erth digital marketing and loyalty, with a mission to enable part of every dollar spent go towards solving our social and environmental problems, it is based in Australia. 

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