Most Common Heating Repair Projects in Westerville OH

Published November 17, 2023

Homeowners in Westerville OH often have to deal with the following heating repair projects!

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Plain City, OH -- (ReleaseWire) -- 11/17/2023 -- There's a lot that homeowners throughout Westerville OH need to keep in mind when it comes to HVAC maintenance and upkeep, and this is partly due to central Ohio's rapidly fluctuating seasonal temperatures each year.

No one wants their heater or furnace to malfunction, but it's important to know which heater repair westerville oh experts to reach out to when things go wrong. Below are some of the most common heating repair projects that homeowners throughout Westerville OH should know about!

Clogged Air Filters

When a home's HVAC air filters become clogged, it causes heaters to struggle with overall efficiency and capacity. Although this is typically a pretty easy repair project, it can lead to significant issues when left neglected.

Clogged air filters can even potentially be a fire hazard, so homeowners need to take this type of HVAC upkeep very seriously!

Wear & Tear On Heater Components

Every residential heating system is made up of a lot of crucial components, and over many years of usage, these components can get worn down and damaged. This includes components like fan blades, switches, filters, bearings, motors, belts, and burners.

All of these components need to be inspected by professional technicians on a yearly basis, but they also need to be repaired immediately when damaged.

Thermostat Malfunctions

Every heater relies heavily upon its thermostat, because the thermostat is the component that maintains the temperature preferences throughout a household. So when thermostat malfunctions occur, it ultimately impacts an entire heating system.

Thermostat malfunctions might not cause an entire system breakdown, but it'll ultimately cause the entire system to receive improper instructions.

Heater Ignition Dilemmas

When a heating system's ignition or pilot control malfunctions, it will cause the system to not generate any heat. Most heating systems either have gas or electric-powered ignition systems, so repairing these dilemmas will largely depend upon the type of ignition a household has.

Because there are many variables associated with these projects, it's important that homeowners seek HVAC professionals for these repairs.

Abnormal Noises

It's normal for an HVAC system to make noises during operation, but these noises sometimes can become abnormal when they take the form of squeaking, clanging, rattling, rumbling, banging, or other noticeably different noises.

These abnormal sounds are indicative of many different repair projects, so it's important to get a professional diagnosis in order to fully understand what's needed.

Continual Heater Cycling

When a heater is continually cycling and not turning itself on and off for noticeable amounts of time, it's important to remember how this isn't normal HVAC behavior.

It's possible that there's a malfunctioning thermostat, or it could be that the unit's fan motor has become damaged. It could also mean that the household needs to switch out their air filters.

Insufficient Heater Output

There are also many heater repair projects that simply involve heaters that aren't functioning well enough in terms of overall output. This can be an incredibly frustrating type of heater repair, because everything can be seemingly fine—except how a household is feeling indoors.

Because there are countless causes of low heater output, this type of project will never be a DIY job!

Heater Repair Projects In Westerville OH Should Always Be Handled By Professional HVAC Technicians!

There's so much that homeowners in Westerville OH need to keep in mind when it comes to heater repair projects, but the most important thing to remember is that professional help is always the right strategy during these unfortunate scenarios.

Conducting a DIY heater repair will more than likely lead to even worse issues later on, so it's best to always put these projects in professional hands!

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