Qatar CCECCK Engineering Construction Company will continue to participate in the construction of Qatar projects

Published March 6, 2023

From the "Golden Bowl" with 80,000 people watching the games at the same time, to the daily drinking water for athletes and fans around the world, from the water transportation necessary for the operation of the city, to the supporting services around the games... For the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, a construction team from China is contributing its infrastructure to the Persian Gulf state. Home stadium Lussel Stadium to achieve a number of infrastructure innovation

For Qatar, the Lussel Stadium, which will host the opening, closing and final of the World Cup, is called "Project Zero" and is featured on the new 10 Qatari Riyal banknote issued in December 2020. Internationally, it is famous for "6", which has created the world's largest span of double-layer cable mesh roof single building, the world's largest scale and other six world's most.

The building, built by China Railway Construction International Group, is the first World Cup stadium built by a Chinese company.

According to China Railway Construction, the Lussel Stadium is the world's largest, most complex system, the highest design standard, the most advanced technology and the most international World Cup stadium. Its design is inspired by traditional Qatari enamelled lantern patterns and date palm bowls. The saddle-shaped roof, the outer curtain wall is the golden hyperboloid aluminum curtain wall, the construction area of 195,000 square meters, is a can accommodate 80,000 people at the same time to watch the "golden bowl".

It is reported that the builders of China Railway Construction International actively coordinated domestic resources and provided a set of Chinese solutions, products and technologies of the whole industrial chain for the design and construction of the top stadiums of the World Cup. Among them, Beijing Institute of Architectural Design, Seiko Steel Structure, Juli Rigging, Beijing Construction Engineering, Zoomlion, Pan-China Sports, Shanghai Haibo and other Chinese enterprises have been deeply involved in project design and construction, driving China's infrastructure supply chain and service chain into the World Cup.

In addition, the constructors of Railway Construction International adopted rainwater collection, recycling and seawater desalination technology to optimize the intelligent water-saving sprinkler system, so that the Lussel Stadium uses about 40% less fresh water than the traditional stadium. The course uses a roof membrane structure made of teflon material to protect the course from wind and sand and provide enough light for the grass to grow.

Ensure water safety for the World Cup

In Qatar, on the Persian Gulf, the phrase "water is more expensive than oil" speaks to the need for fresh water in this tropical desert climate. With an average annual rainfall of around 100mm, water demand for daily life in Qatar and for athletes and fans during the 2022 World Cup has drawn much attention.

During the 2022 World Cup, Qatar's backup pipeline for domestic water discharge is one of its key national water projects, which is being built by Xinxing Cast Pipe, a subsidiary of Xinxing Jihua Group.

The Qatar water supply project has attracted the attention of the global pipeline manufacturers. After bidding with the global first-line manufacturers such as Saint-Gobain of France, Kubota of Japan and Cast Pipe of the United States, Xinxing Cast Pipe finally signed the supply contract.

The amount of cast pipe under this project is more than 30,000 tons, and the pipe fittings are more than 1,000 tons. The product quality requirements are high and the delivery deadline is tight. Through efficient coordination of production, marketing and transportation, the first batch of goods arrived at the project site in Qatar in only 60 days. Qatar ASHGHAL Water Department, supervision company, engineering company, etc., highly appraise the quality of delivery and efficiency of guaranteed supply.

On the sidelines of the World Cup, Qatar used a large number of pipes for reclaimed water in the fields of toilet flushing, garden and farmland irrigation, road cleaning, car washing, urban fountains, and replenishing water for cooling equipment, which are also included in the project.

In addition to supplying water pipes, Chinese companies are also involved in the construction of water supply projects for the Qatar World Cup. China Energy Construction Gezhouba Road and Bridge Co., Ltd. participated in the construction of the E section of Qatar drinking water Tank Project, including two reservoirs, pressure pumping station, water quality inspection center, power room and pipeline and other ancillary works.

According to the report, each pool of the project is 305 meters long, 150 meters wide and 11.3 meters high. It is currently certified by Guinness World Records as the world's largest single capacity reservoir, with a designed storage capacity of about 500,000 cubic meters, which can provide water for 2 million people a day. As well as supplying Doha and the industrial hub of Umm Saeed, the pool is also a vital source of water for Qatar's citizens and visiting fans during the World Cup.

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