Psychics and Mediums: What are they and are Their Paranormal Powers Real?

Published February 16, 2023

Magic and Ghosts – The Occult Appeals to Many, Are Psychics and Mediums A Gateway to the Dead? So… Are They Real?

People with supernatural abilities who are said to be able to do things like communicate with the dead or have the gift of foresight often call themselves psychics or mediums. Whether you believe in the paranormal or not, there are people who make a living from it and call themselves psychic or medium, they give readings, offer people messages from their loved ones, as well as providing spiritual support and healing.

The words psychic and medium began to be used sometime during the rise of modern spiritualism, which emerged in the mid-19th century. However, it was not until the mid 20th century that the words took on a broader meaning, and today they refer to people who have some or many parapsychological abilities. Over the years, many people have doubted whether so-called psychics and mediums are real, or whether they are just making up their abilities to make money from vulnerable people.

If you are here for a clear-cut answer to the question “are mediums real” unfortunately, we cannot help you. But we can give you a brief insight into how the business works, what people with alleged parapsychological abilities do, and the discussions about paranormal forces and spiritualism in general.

Magic and Ghosts The Occult Appeals to Many

The occult is mystical, supernatural, or magical powers, practices or phenomena and is a common feature of many religions. However, it is most commonly used today in neo-religious or New Age movements. Common to all uses of the word is the belief that there are forces beyond the visible reality that a person can harness if he or she has the right powers. These include belief in alchemy, magic, astrology and divination, where magical spells of all kinds are used to try to gain hidden knowledge or power.

The interest in what is hidden from the human eye has been there for centuries but has particularly blossomed in the 20th and 21st centuries. Today, you do not have to look far to find various crystals that are said to give you strength and power, books on witchcraft and sorcery, or psychics who claim to be able to convey messages between you and your deceased loved ones.

The supernatural and paranormal are simply something that attracts many people today, whether it is because it is trendy or something else, we do not know. But there is no denying that it is pretty cool, provided that the attitude one has towards it is not too serious.

Are Psychics and Mediums A Gateway to the Dead?

When people talk about paranormal powers, they are usually referring to those who make their living by offering spiritual services: psychics and mediums.

A medium is someone who communicates with people in their afterlife, that is after they have passed away into the spiritual world. However, a psychic is not necessarily a medium, while a medium is a psychic. Rather, psychics tap into the energy of people or objects by sensing parts of their past, present and future, which is why you usually turn to a psychic for spiritual guidance or the like.

Mediums, however, rely on the presence of non-psychic energy to connect you to the spiritual energy that surrounds you to help you communicate with the dead. That is based on what they themselves claim they can do, we do not say that is the way it is. Mediums talk to dead people partly to help people with deceased acquaintances grieve less, partly to help them in the process of crossing over and entering a state of total peace.

So… Are They Real?

There are very different opinions about whether some people actually have extrasensory perceptions or so-called “psychic powers” that allow them to talk to the dead or see ahead into the future, and as mentioned, there is no clear-cut answer.

Many believers in the paranormal claim that, among other things, we humans only use 10% of our brains and that this means that some of us are capable of so much more than others. However, this is a myth. In fact, the majority of the brain is almost always active.

That does not mean that everything that has to do with spirituality or the afterlife is nonsense. More research is needed on the subject, at least before science can answer whether psychics and mediums are nothing but fraud or not.

However, it can be concluded that what is believed has some impact on how people live their lives. If you believe that a psychic or medium can help you communicate with your deceased loved one, or help you live a better life, it does not matter what anyone else thinks. As long as it makes you live a happier and better life, you can do whatever you want. But avoid spending too much money on it until it is scientifically proven.

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