Cyrusher XF690 Maxs VS HiPeak Bona, Which One Is the Most Popular Mobility Tool for the Youth

Published April 28, 2023

This article will compare the Cyrusher XF690 Maxs to the HiPeak Bona step-over folding electric bike to help people make a better purchase decision.

(PRUnderground) April 28th, 2023

E-bikes are giving riders a more sustainable, sustainable and high-quality experience, and people are starting to be encouraged to exercise. With their powerful motors and pedal assist, riders are finding them easier to ride than ever before, saving people a lot of money and reducing commute times when going through congested traffic.

This article will compare the Cyrusher XF690 Maxs to the HiPeak Bona step-over folding electric bike. An in-depth analysis of performance and configuration can help you make a better decision.

Model introduction

Bona is a step-over electric fat tire bike launched by HiPeak this year. Its unique brand paint and bright color appearance attracts many cycling enthusiasts. Moreover, this model features an aluminum frame that is lightweight and sturdy. It is equipped with a 750W brushless DC motor and a 48V 15Ah lithium battery with a top speed of 15.5mph and a range of about 60 miles, which can meet the needs of short-distance urban mobility.

The HiPeak Bona is equipped with dual front and rear disc brakes and a 7-speed Shimano shifting system, making for a safer and more comfortable ride. In addition, HiPeak Bona also has a folding function, which is convenient for carrying and storage. Overall, HiPeak Bona is a cost-effective electric bike for urban mobility.

The Cyrusher XF690 Maxs is also a more functional fat tire recreational e-bike that is popular with consumers for its large battery pack and comfort. Its clean look and power make people want to try riding in different places, and the overall ride is more suitable for weighty riders.

Which electric bike is best suited to riding demands?

Cyrusher and HiPeak are two interesting fat tire electric bike brands, each with their own characteristics. So, which fat tire folding e-bike is better for someone looking for an e-bike for daily commuting or casual riding on wild trails?

Comparison                                     Cyrusher                                      HiPeak

XF690 Maxs                                      Bona

Price                                                 $1699                                          $1299

Motor                                                 750W                                             750W

Battery                                           48V 15Ah                                      48V 15Ah

Brake                                     Hydraulic disc brake                     Mechanical disc brake

Range                                              25-55 miles                                    60 miles

Tire                                                  26″ x 4″                                         20″ x 4″

Warranty                                          2-year                                             1-year

Max load-capacity                           330 lbs                                           350 lbs

Price comparison

Based on the price and warranty comparison between the two bikes, as well as the HiPeak’s greater range and larger loading capacity mentioned in the table, you can see that it will be a bit more cost effective. The folding fat tire e-bike can take more damage in some rugged terrain environments.

Riding speed and range comparison

Unless you’re an elite cyclist with Tour de France experience, an e-bike will be faster than a traditional bike. When your goal is to get to work on time, it’s important for you to choose a fun commuter e-bike.

Therefore, in a comparison of the XF690 Maxs vs. the Bona, ride speed and range are the focus of most cyclists’ attention. The motor is the core component that affects the riding speed of an e-bike, and the battery is fundamental to the bike’s sustained electric drive life.

Speed comparison

In the comparison table above, you can see that both folding electric bikes have the same power. 750W of power motor is allowed in most riding conditions. It meets the rider’s need for power assistance and provides a better balance when climbing at a good speed or using less power for high speed commuting.

Range comparison

Both e-bikes have the same battery capacity. In comparison, the HiPeak’s range is a bit longer, which suggests that the HiPeak’s motor provides more efficient power. For daily commuting cyclists, efficiency is what they pursue.

It is worth mentioning that with sufficient power, the battery is not an important factor in speed and range. Its range can be extended if the pedals are pedaled moderately during riding.

Which electric bike configuration is more comfortable and safe?

Apart from the electric performance of electric bike used for commuting, the bike’s braking components and related accessories are necessary to improve safety and comfort.

comparison                                             Cyrusher                                     HiPeak

XF690 Maxs                                    Bona

Suspension                                 Front suspension fork                    Front suspension fork

LCD                                       3.7-inch LCD display            LCD black and white display

Transmission                                   Shimano 9-Speed                         Shimano 7-Speed

Throttle                                            Half-twist throttle                       Half-twist throttle

Bike weight                                            66 pounds                                    61 pounds

Frame material                           6061 aluminum frame                  6061 aluminum frame

Accessory comparison


Both electric bike use a half-twist throttle. The half-twist throttle is a device that is more convenient for the driver to start the bike. It is usually mounted on the handlebar of the e-bike and provides motor power output by rotating the handlebar forward. Unlike a full-twist throttle, a half-twist throttle automatically adjusts the amount of motor power output based on the rider’s pedaling effort and speed for more intelligent and efficient power control. For example, when starting out, the rider can gently half-torque the throttle to allow the motor to provide the right amount of auxiliary power for a smoother start. And during riding, as the rider’s pedaling effort increases, the motor’s output power will increase accordingly to meet the needs of different riding conditions.


The XF690 Maxs features a 3.7-inch LED LCD display that presents more vibrant and vivid colors and pictures, making information display more intuitive. It can display more information, such as maps, photos, etc., which is more practical than HiPeak’s monotonous black display. Color displays are usually operated by touch screen, which makes the operation more convenient and fast.

Color displays have a greater advantage over black displays in terms of display effect, display content, ease of operation and technical level. However, color displays are generally more expensive than black displays, and cyclists need to choose the right e-bike display for them according to their budget and needs.


Both models use flat handlebars. It is worth mentioning that the flat handlebar design is more ergonomic and allows the rider to ride more comfortably for longer periods of time.

The design allows riders to adjust their posture more flexibly to suit different road conditions and riding needs. For example, hands can be placed closer to the center of the handlebar for better handling, or at the ends of the handlebar for better speed and stability.

Flat handlebars allow riders to perform more upper body exercises, such as arm and shoulder exercises, to enhance health.

In summary

The above introduction and comparison of the Cyrusher XF690 Maxs and HiPeak Bona leads to the conclusion that both are electric bikes with certain advantages and features. Both use higher performance motors and larger capacity batteries, making them excellent in terms of speed and range, while the HiPeak Bona is lighter, easier to fold, and suitable for short-distance urban mobility.

As contemporary young people pay more and more attention to convenience and environmental protection, electric bicycles have become the preferred means of transportation for many young people, and for different riding needs, both can provide a good choice. Therefore, to say which one is the most popular mobility tool for young people today, perhaps the cheaper Bona is the first choice for young people, after all, you can save $400.


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