Birth Hypnosis Class at Intermountain Layton and St. George Hospitals Offers New Pain-Relief Option

Published February 7, 2024

Hypnosis for Birth Class at Intermountain Layton and St. George Regional Hospitals Offers Moms New Pain-Relief Option During Labor and Delivery

(PRUnderground) February 7th, 2024

As women who have gone through childbirth know, labor contractions and the birth process are typically painful. But women have been giving birth for centuries without pain medication. There are several different approaches or philosophies to manage the pain of labor and childbirth without medication. Pregnant moms can learn more about those different approaches through childbirth education classes.

Hypnosis for Birth is a new in-person childbirth education class offered at both Intermountain Layton Hospital and St. George Regional Hospital beginning Jan. 18. The class is also offered virtually online.

“The Hypnosis for Birth class teaches self-hypnosis and mindfulness, where the mom is in control. It’s a way to train your brain to distract itself from the pain during labor and childbirth,” said Erin Packer, RN, a childbirth educator at Intermountain Layton Hospital. “Participants will learn the difference between mindfuolness, meditation and self-hypnosis.”

“Hypnosis for Birth is not really a new idea, the principles were first formulated by Grantly Dick-Read in his 1942 book titled Childbirth Without Fear. He came up with the theory that a fear and tension pain cycle can make labor more difficult,” said Packer.

According to Packer, there are 30 years of evidence of the benefits for hypnosis in birth. It leads to a highly satisfied birth experience and a lower intervention or medication-free birth. It decreases the risk of postpartum depression and focuses on a positive birth experience, not a perfect one. No negative effects are known.

Hypnosis for Birth uses deep breathing and relaxation techniques, like other traditional childbirth preparation classes that release endorphins that help people feel better.

“Three deep breaths automatically releases endorphins. That gives you a boost of energy,” said Packer.

“Hypnosis for birth is similar to other childbirth classes, it just goes more in depth. It teaches moms to experience or imagine pleasurable sensations such as massage, music, aromatherapy or visualizing a happy, peaceful place during labor and delivery. These pleasurable sensations get to the brain faster than pain. There are different ways moms can enter hypnosis,” added Packer.

A mom’s significant other or labor-partner is encouraged to attend the class so that they can practice labor and delivery scenarios and be in-sync.

“Hypnosis for birth teaches moms to bond with their infant in-utero and talk to them. Moms create a vision board of happy memories from the past or future happy memories and visualize those memories and talk to their baby about them. It teaches moms and partners to use affirmations, or to make positive statements about themselves or their baby. Partners are key to moms being successful. It shortens labor, and labor feels easier,” said Packer.

Intermountain nurses say moms who attend a childbirth education class feel more prepared, educated, relaxed and at ease. They learn how to be more of an advocate for themselves and their baby. It sets them up for success.

The coping techniques taught in childbirth preparation classes can also be used postpartum, to calm a new mom’s anxiety.

The in-person Hypnosis for Birth class meets once a week for five weeks. Each class is two and half hours long. hours. It’s available to everyone, no matter where they will be delivering their baby.

Cost for the class is $95. Check with your insurance to see if the cost is covered or ask if there is tuition assistance. The course includes all the scripts and electronic access.

For more information, visit and click on the childbirth education link, and then Hypnosis for Birth.

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