Professional Scrum Organization, Rebel Scrum, Provides Free Scrum Training Webinars

Published March 5, 2023

Rebel Scrum has announced free Scrum training webinars on the company’s official website. The webinars provide a comprehensive understanding of the pressing issues organizations face while implementing Scrum practices and transforming their teams into Agile forces.

Rebel Scrum is an organization that helps teams handle complex, multi-step projects and transform into an Agile force with competent tools, mindset, and approaches using the Scrum Framework
Rebel Scrum

Conducted by professional Scrum expert and trainer Mary Iqbal, all of the free webinars can be accessed directly from the website. Having started her career as a conventional software project manager, Mary Iqbal has since become one of the foremost authorities in Scrum. With first-hand experience using Scrum as a novice in just one of its possible applications, she was persuaded to learn more about the Scrum principles and embark on her journey as a Scrum disciple. Today with over two decades of experience in the field, Mary shares her extensive wisdom and experience through these valuable webinars.

The first webinar is titled "How the Scrum values can help you practice professional Scrum." It is a guide highlighting principles essential for a successful professional Scrum implementation. In this webinar, Mary Iqbal provides a thorough explanation of the five Scrum values and emphasizes the advantages teams can experience from properly implementing professional Scrum. This webinar also includes guidance on how to avoid becoming targets of mechanical Scrum, which will inevitably result in getting stuck in a rut.

The next webinar, "Common Scrum Myths and How to Correct Them!," reveals the misconceptions most people associate with Scrum. The 2020 Scrum Guide serves as the basis for this webinar, and it explains how to address issues brought on by misinterpretations of Scrum values. Through this webinar, the viewers will also learn about the limitations that result from applying flawed Scrum practices.

Another free webinar, "Stop Pretending to Be Agile!" is especially beneficial for organizations already in the midst of applying the Scrum framework but are not able to reap its benefits. This webinar uses data and examples to show how teams may implement substandard or ineffective Scrum practices and find it difficult to see the tangible benefits of truly adapting to the framework. Aptly titled "Stop Pretending," the webinar highlights the signs that indicate "Agile pretentious" behaviors and discusses ways to rectify them.

Readers can view the free webinars and embark on the journey to becoming an Agile force by visiting the official Rebel Scrum website at

A Rebel Scrum representative explained the reason behind offering free webinars to the audience in the following words: "Many project managers and team members hesitate before adopting Scrum for project development. The free webinars are an eye-opening opportunity for them to understand the potential of these innovative practices and become a more productive team. Many teams that are still struggling and wasting time using traditional project development approaches and techniques can benefit from the free webinars. Those may get the work done eventually, but the time and resources wasted in these long, tedious processes only give the competitors a chance to overshadow the efforts and products bought for the consumers after much delay."

About Rebel Scrum

Rebel Scrum is an organization that helps teams handle complex, multi-step projects and transform into an Agile force with competent tools, mindset, and approaches using the Scrum Framework. The trainers at Rebel Scrum have developed efficient training programs and certified Scrum courses that provide a firm foundation for implementing Scrum in the organizational structure. Depending on the scope of the project and the requirements, users can choose between public and private training sessions. Each training program is dynamic, engaging, and hands-on, without emphasizing reading from books or memorizing terms.


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