ZTX to Partner with Leading Metaverse Creator for Exclusive Digital Fashion Collection

Published September 19, 2023

ZTX, the creator-centric metaverse platform building on Arbitrum, has entered a partnership with Lenge, one of the most successful virtual fashion creators in the metaverse.

Lenge is a virtual fashion designer who creates fashion items such as clothing and accessories exclusively in 3D metaverse settings. Customers of her fashion business LENGED hail from around the world, with the business having garnered over 18M followers while generating over $2M USD in sales last year.

None of these sales occurred in Web3, and the partnership with ZTX would represent Lenge’s first foray into the blockchain space. Through this partnership, ZTX and Lenge will offer exclusively on-chain collections of futuristic fashion items in the months to come. Drawing inspiration from astropunk culture, the inaugural drop will consist of three distinct collections of head-to-toe 3D wearables. These collections will be available exclusively to owners of ZTX Genesis Homes that are part of the ZTX Fashion District.

Alexx, Chief Futurist and creator at ZTX who collaborated on the creative direction of the collection with Lenge, commented: “We’re excited to announce the first district-specific partnership of our Genesis Homes community. The designs that we have collaborated on for the collections are truly cutting-edge and we believe our community will be thrilled to encounter the work of such a top-level creator as Lenge. This is great news for our Fashion District home owners, but we are extremely committed to continuing to bring value to all the individual districts of ZTX.”

Lenge, founder of LENGED, also stated: “I’m very pleased to be able to announce the collaboration we have been working on for a long time. Having been one of the pioneering creators on the legacy Web2 platform, I am very bullish on the Web3 vision of ZTX and hope to contribute to its mission of mainstream adoption for crypto. I hope that more creators will also join ZTX, as blockchain is not going away and ZTX is well positioned to play an important role in the industry.”

While pricing or timing of this inaugural drop has not yet been revealed, it has been confirmed that some portion of the collections will be available to ZTX Fashion Genesis Home owners at no cost.

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