ZTX Integrates Social Login for Upgraded Accessibility

Published February 6, 2024

ZTX, the Web3 social metaverse platform, is releasing a new version of its flagship beta application this week. The new update will feature integration of social login such as Google login to facilitate new user onboarding. This update will also lay the groundwork for future mass onboarding of Web2 mainstream audiences, in particular its legacy Web2 platform user base. Moreover, the new update will exhibit improvements to its token emissions structure that will have the positive impact of decreasing sell side pressure on its tokens.

After experiencing high demand and traffic for its beta upon launch in December 2023, the ZTX team suspended beta service in order to relaunch with an updated version that would feature a social login mechanism. This strategy intends to hedge against the login issue that was present in the previous version that only featured a crypto-native wallet based login. In addition to offering an alternative avenue for accessing the service, the social login feature also establishes the technical foundation to facilitate the onboarding of existing users from ZTX’s legacy Web2 platform. The legacy platform is the fourth largest metaverse platform in the world by monthly active user count, behind only Roblox, Fortnite, and Minecraft. As such, the upcoming release later this week is viewed as a milestone achievement that prepares ZTX for onboarding mainstream audiences.

The ZTX updated beta will also introduce a new chapter in its token ecosystem in that direct farming of Dark Matter will be disabled. Dark Matter is a unique virtual ingredient in the world of ZTX that enables users to craft special capsules that yield ZTX tokens as play-to-earn rewards. Previously, direct farming of Dark Matter was possible, which led to countless users around the world setting up multi accounts and other tactics to maximize yield farming. Such behavior will no longer be possible in the new version of ZTX, and while token rewards will still be available to users down the road the distribution of such rewards will be structured in a way that honors loyal users who exhibit dedication to the core decorative crafting activities that celebrate virtual self-expression.

Alexx, Chief Futurist at ZTX said: “Our beta launch in December last year was extremely successful in that we saw demands beyond what we had anticipated. However, it also brought to our attention certain shortcomings at the technical design level and the tokenomics design level that we wanted to address before the community made more progress in the application. We’ve spent a lot of time conversing with our community to gain feedback and apply some of those learnings to our imminent version update, and can’t wait for our users to get back to the world of ZTX this week.”

The ZTX team is expected to release yet another version update soon that enables use of ZTX Genesis Homes. More details and announcements about such updates can be found on ZTX accounts on X and Discord.

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