Zendrop, a dropshipping platform, explains how its services enable beginners to excel financially

Published September 29, 2023

Since its inception, Zendrop has been a safe and reliable place for millions of individuals just starting to explore dropshipping. Unlike competitors that simply offer access to anonymous Chinese suppliers and manufacturers, Zendrop prioritizes education, support and community. They have created and sourced custom content from renowned experts for new customers in Zendrop Academy, which can teach you all the basics and advanced methods for opening, scaling, and sustaining your dropshipping business. The company is also one of the only US-based dropshipping companies that handles overseas suppliers and manufacturers. This keeps users from experiencing any possible cultural differences that may lead to communication issues or general disagreements.

Zendrop has become a leader in dropshipping due to its reliable customer support, fast shipping, competitive pricing, and wide product catalog. Zendrop’s team offers multiple plans that serve the unique needs of each of their users no matter what stage they are at. With Zendrop Free, Pro, Plus, or Select, dropshippers can start easily and scale up their services when necessary.

The principles and success of dropshipping have been around since the 1950s when mail-order catalogs were a leading way for customers to access new products. Eventually, fulfillment warehouses and the internet accelerated this field when online sellers became active. There has been a rise in e-commerce startups due to the explosion and evolution of social media as an advertising and shopping medium. While technology simplifies many of the concepts for having a successful dropshipping operation, not all software is created equal. Some platforms are better at fulfillment and customer service than others, and that’s hard to know as someone exploring this field may learn the hard way.

Dropshipping is great for beginners in some regards. It’s a simple way for any person to sell large amounts of product without worrying about any of the procuring, inventory management, and fulfillment headaches. This is because dropshipping allows entrepreneurs access to large amounts of overseas products–usually in China–that are automatically sourced and shipped straight to customers without the seller having to touch a single box.

Tech has simplified this process so that anyone, no matter their age, budget or location, can start experimenting with dropshipping without needing to invest heavily. However, just like any other type of business, you need knowledge to scale and sustain an operation. Within dropshipping, newcomers may encounter obstacles like deceitful suppliers and manufacturers, low-quality products, few options for custom branding, and overpriced low-quality education. When faced with these challenges, most dropshippers may lose significant capital they’ve invested, have a spike in unsatisfied customers, and be unable to scale their personal brand’s visibility.

Jared Goetz, an entrepreneur who has been working in e-commerce for over a decade, has experienced all these problems firsthand. Originally, he worked hands-on in China with suppliers, manufacturers, and warehouses to source and ship products to the US. After the boom of dropshipping occurred, Jared saw this as a more effective way to continue his current business without all the legwork. However, he soon discovered that there were lots of issues with the current model of dropshipping. An overseas supplier stole money from Jared by issuing fake tracking numbers that cost him hundreds of thousands and jeopardized his customer relationships. Additionally, he found it hard to ensure that his business could grow if he didn’t have a wider product catalog or options to include custom branding within his boxes. These difficulties inspired him to found Zendrop, a disruptor within dropshipping.

“Since I founded Zendrop, I was committed to making dropshipping as easy as possible for beginners,” says Jared Goetz, “Bringing that vision to life has only become possible because of the extensive features our platform offers. Our users can access automation services, a product catalog with over 1 million items, brand development assistance, and real-time analytics to keep them on track. Once they’ve become a high-volume seller, they don’t have to worry about switching platforms. Zendrop’s infrastructure is robust enough to assist beginners and experts who need special attention.”

Dropshipping will continue changing as the industry and its practices evolve. However, Zendrop plans to stay at the forefront of providing convenient and trustworthy services. They never want their users to feel like they aren’t able to achieve financial success through dropshipping, which is why the team is dedicated to ensuring that users are receiving value everyday.

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