Woya Digital Unveils Its Comprehensive Technical SEO Checklist, Demystifying the Cornerstones of SEO Foundations

Published September 29, 2023

Renowned SEO agency, Woya Digital, is proud to announce the launch of its Technical SEO Checklist. With this new understanding, businesses can navigate the intricate world of search engine optimisation with clarity, ensuring a robust online foundation is established.

The digital age demands precision and search engine algorithms are no exception. Woya Digital's Technical SEO Checklist delves deep into the overlooked essentials, ensuring that businesses are well-equipped to perform at peak efficiency in the online realm.

“Our intention is to demystify the complexities of SEO. With our Technical SEO Checklist, businesses will understand the foundational importance of technical SEO, and more importantly, the reasons behind its essential practices,” says Natalie Karr, Managing Partner at Woya Digital.

Key focal points of the Technical SEO Checklist include:

  1. Technical SEO Fundamentals: Diving deep into the basics every website must adopt.
  2. Understanding Technical SEO - Why We Do It & Why It’s Important: Illuminating the rationale behind technical SEO practices.
  3. Why Hire a Professional? Making the case for expert input in navigating the technical SEO landscape.
  4. Setting the Stage for On-Page and Off-Page SEO: Laying the groundwork for comprehensive SEO strategies.
  5. Key Factors in Technical SEO: An in-depth look into the vital components that make or break online performance.

Technical SEO is essential for achieving peak performance on Google, which commands an overwhelming share of the global search market. To put things into perspective, as per data from Statista in 2019, Google handled over 3.5 billion searches per day. This sheer volume underscores the criticality of ensuring your website is technically sound for this dominant search engine.

At its heart, Technical SEO is like a building's foundation. Regardless of captivating visuals or top-tier content, without a robust technical foundation, a website's ranking on Google will suffer. Technical SEO practices ensure that Google can seamlessly crawl, index, and serve a site's content to users when it's most pertinent. Factors such as site speed, mobile optimisation, structured data, and XML sitemaps are pivotal in determining how a site ranks on Google.

The ever-evolving nature of Google further emphasises the significance of Technical SEO. With recent developments like mobile-first indexing and core web vitals, Google has made it clear that user experience is paramount. Sites that don't adapt run the risk of diminished visibility. Hence, for a website to remain competitive on Google, mastering and applying Technical SEO is more than just advisable—it's crucial.

Dive into the full insights of the Technical SEO Checklist on the Woya Digital blog by visiting Woya.co.uk

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