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Published January 22, 2024

TradeInvestNow.com is incredibly excited to share with you the most fascinating financial story right now. On Thursday, January 25, Whitney Tilson – the Wall Street legend who predicted the 2008 crisis on 60 Minutes - will make a big announcement. Alongside Porter Stansberry, they will unveil an investing breakthrough that has taken nearly two decades to create. This powerful new system measures the likelihood of every potential outcome, before you get in - to show you which of 4,817 different stocks is a profitable investment today.

To prepare you for the unveiling, they’re granting you a free access to this investment breakthrough up until Stansberry’s Breakthrough event goes live on Thursday, January 25.

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Who Is Whitney Tilson “The Prophet”?

Whitney Tilson received an MBA and was recognized as a Baker Scholar after graduating with honors from Harvard University and Harvard Business School. He spent nearly two decades on Wall Street. During this time, he founded and headed Kase Capital Management, expanding the company's assets under his management from $1 million at launch to a peak of $200 million.

Whitney appeared on CBS news program 60 Minutes twice with bold statements:

  • In late 2008, he predicted that the market was about to bottom, just before stocks started the biggest bull market run in U.S. history.
  • Early in 2015, Tilson made a second appearance on 60 Minutes, this time contributing to the exposure of a major scandal at Lumber Liquidators, one of the biggest home improvement stores in America. The CEO resigned as a result of the segment, and the stock fell by about 80%.

Because of Tilson's series of precise calls, CNBC began referring to him as "The Prophet." Here is more about his track record.

Whitney Tilson’s Remarkable Track Record

Tilson foresaw the housing bubble burst, the collapse of dot.com, and the 2009 stock market bottom. He predicted the precise hour when marijuana stock prices peaked as well as the day that bitcoin peaked in 2017.

He has an outstanding record as an investor. He purchased Netflix at a price of $7.78 per share. Since then, it increased by 6,300%. Apple at $1.42 a share (up more than 35,000%), and Amazon at $48 a share (up more than 6,400%).

Tilson saw the emergence of a big investing megatrend in the markets early in 2020. His five "TaaS"-related recommendations were up an average of 66% less than a year later, with two of them winning by more than 100%.

Tilson's reputation as an investor has made it possible for him to meet with Presidents Obama and Clinton and give speeches at some of the world's most prestigious business schools, such as Wharton, Columbia, and Harvard.

He’s joining Stansberry Research as their newest Senior analyst. On January 25, Tilson will share his prediction for 2024. You will hear what is best place to move your money right now using Stansberry’s Breakthrough.

What Is Stansberry’s Breakthrough?

On Thursday, January 25, Stansberry Research will share exactly what this breakthrough is, how it works, and why it will be critical for 2024.

It took them nearly two decades to create it at a cost of $10 million. They are offering it free of charge to you when you register for Stansberry’s Breakthrough Event HERE.

The Stansberry Score is a new technique to determine which of 4,817 stocks could double your investment. It calculates the probability of each possible result before you get in.

Stansberrry Research shared behind the scenes info that this new system has outperformed the market by up to ten times, even during the 2022 crash and last year’s historic rally.

How Does Stansberry’s Breakthrough Work?

We’ve explored Stansberry’s Breakthrough, and here what we were able to find out:

The system works by assigning a Score to each of 4,817 different stocks.

By typing the ticker symbol, you’ll get the stock’s assigned number. Each stock receives a score between zero and 100.

It is more likely to go up the closer it gets to 100.

The closer it gets to zero, it is more likely to go down.

The system also rates Financial, Capital Efficiency, and Valuation with ratings from A to F, also giving an Overall Rate.

Stansberry’s team shared it’s beaten the market with 91% accuracy in their back testing.

How To Register for The Stansberry’s Breakthrough Event?

Stansberry’s Breakthrough Event will not be available to the public. To receive your private access link for FREE, please enter your e-mail address HERE.

If you’re interested, you should reserve your spot now, because it promises to be one of the most popular events of the year.

Stansberry’s Breakthrough Event Agenda

Here are the main points that will be discussed on Thursday, January 25 at 10 a.m. ET:

  • Sharing a new way to learn which stocks could double your investment.
  • Introducing a breakthrough that has been crushing gold, bitcoin, and the S&P 500.
  • Alongside Porter Stansberry, Whitney Tilson will explain how this breakthrough has opened a whole new approach of making money in 2024. It's their #1 strategy for the next 12 months.
  • Whitney Tilson’s biggest new prediction for 2024. On January 25, he will specify the precise direction where stocks are going next.
  • Details of why Stansberry Research spent $10 million to find their founder Porter Stansberry’s “dream investment”.
  • And much more…

People that reserved their spot for the event are getting free access to Stansberry’s investment breakthrough - Stansberry Score - up until the broadcast goes live on Thursday, January 25.


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