What to Look for in a Commercial Vehicle Wrapping Company

Published July 12, 2023
What to Look for in a Commercial Vehicle Wrapping Company
What to Look for in a Commercial Vehicle Wrapping Company

Wrapping a company car or a fleet of commercial vehicles can make a huge difference to the marketing and professionalism of your business, acting as a mobile billboard while presenting a polished appearance to clients and when making deliveries.

However, choosing an expert wrapping company is essential, particularly when you are investing in commercial vinyl wrap to augment your brand – poor quality wraps can bubble, crease and peel, causing the opposite of the desired effect.

Today WrapUK, a specialist in commercial wraps for vehicles from premium cars to vans, lorries and trucks, explains insights that can help you make informed decisions about the company to use – and avoid making a potentially very expensive mistake!

What to Expect From Commercial Vehicle Wrapping Services

The first area is to think about the services on offer and what a prospective vinyl wrap fitter has to offer. As an illustration, if a business client contacts WrapUK at any of our seven locations, we'll start with a few questions before we make any recommendations, such as:

  • What are your primary objectives? Is the client looking for a cost-effective way to add van graphics to a vehicle, or are they looking for a complete fleet transformation? Is there a limited budget, and if so, how will that impact the suggestions we make?
  • What age and size of vehicle, or vehicles, do you want to wrap – and would you like a full or partial wrap? Although any wrap fitter will need to carefully inspect and prep the vehicle before beginning work, the age and condition of the lorry may influence the suitability of vinyl or the brand we think is best.
  • Do you need a long-term, durable wrap or something short-term? Some businesses need temporary wraps for promotional events, whereas others look for the toughest solutions that will stay looking great for several years.

Once we have a good idea about your project, we'll then discuss other variables in terms of whether you'd like the work to take place on-site or at one of our installation locations. We then move forward to talk about designs, with an in-house design team available to help if you'd like to work out the best way to u create the visual appearance you have in mind.

This consultation process is essential because fitting the wrong wrap, using a substandard vinyl wrap film, or proceeding with a quotation for a commercial fleet that would be better upgraded with a different resurfacing technique could be a waste of time and money.

Expertise to Look for From a Commercial Wrapping Company

We always advise clients to work with experienced specialists in vehicle vinyl wrapping since some other organisations offering vinyl wraps may not have the appropriate knowledge to provide sound advice, professional-grade graphics or seamless installations flush with the bodywork on your commercial vehicles.

As a sector-leading firm focusing solely on vinyl wrapping and varied innovative vehicle-related technologies and materials, we offer the following:

  • Access to premium-grade vinyl wrap brands.
  • Exceptional installation skills for a pristine finish.
  • Advice on protective coatings and treatments.
  • Design support with creating your vinyl wrap.
  • Maintenance, servicing and wrap replacements when required.
  • Exacting quality control processes.
  • Professional installation environments and tools.

Companies sometimes find that detailers offer vinyl wrapping, but for a full commercial vehicle wrap, it is imperative you check they have the level of skill necessary and can view previous projects that reflect the style, finish and outcome you expect.

Wrapping teams should be happy to advise on the training and level of experience they have, with at least several years of hands-on wrap installations, particularly with knowledge of the latest upgrades in vinyl films.

Questions to Ask When Comparing Commercial Vehicle Wrapping Near Me

Businesses looking for a firm offering commercial vehicle wrapping close to their location can make careful decisions by running through a few simple questions to ascertain the knowledge and service available from their shortlisted providers. Here are some of the best queries to raise:

Is a Vinyl Commercial Vehicle Wrap the Best Option?

Great vinyl wrapping teams won't upsell or suggest you wrap a work vehicle when they know the result won't match their quality standards. Trustworthy vehicle wrappers will offer advice and tell you if they think another option might be a better fit with your budget and expectations. Examples include rusty vehicles or those with significant bodywork damage – a vinyl wrap will highlight the deviations and cannot adhere properly to rust patches.

Can You Assist With Designing My Commercial Vehicle Wrap?

Firms with in-house design teams can be invaluable, especially if you have an idea about how your wrapped vehicles might look or know your branding colours but don't have a finished design ready to go – as most companies don't!

The detail and layout of your vinyl wrap make a massive difference to viewer perceptions, with aspects such as fonts, colours, sizes and placements important to your wrap reflecting the quality and credibility of your brand while being highly visible and eye-catching.

How Will You Make Sure Each Fleet Vehicle Looks the Same?

Vinyl wraps must be designed to match the exact shape and contours of the vehicle – you couldn’t reuse the same wrap design without making modifications if you have wrapped a transit van and wish to use the same design on an artic lorry or a smaller work car.

Experienced commercial wrappers will be able to explain the design process and adapt your finished design to suit the shape and size of each vehicle. They may also suggest changes, such as reducing the size of graphics, changing the placement of text, or simplifying the colours for smaller bodywork panels to avoid ending up with a wrap that looks cluttered and messy.

What Vinyl Film Brands Do You Use / Would You Recommend?

The top-quality vinyl brands are the gold standard in vehicle wrapping – here at WrapUK, we use superb vinyl and colours from 3M, Oracal, Avery Dennison, PWF and many others. However, it's also worth querying if you're not looking for a durable wrap or need a budget-friendly option to add a promotional wrap to your commercial fleet.

Otherwise, an excellent wrap will come with a manufacturer warranty and last longer due to enhanced stretch properties. Cheaper vinyls don’t last anywhere near as long but can be a good compromise if you’re looking for a temporary wrap that is quick to remove.

Do I Need Any Prep Work for My Company Vehicles?

If a wrap installer provides a quote or books in a vehicle for wrapping without discussing the vehicle condition, it's likely they aren't the right choice for your project. Vehicles that haven't been painted, have serious paintwork damage, or have been primed should never be wrapped – the vinyl won’t stick properly, which will mean the wrap inevitably bubbles and peels. Most companies need to have scratches, dents and rust addressed before fitting a wrap, ensuring it will last an appropriate time and look the part.

We hope these tips and example questions help you pick a commercial vehicle or private car wrap provider with confidence – please get in touch at any time if you would like further advice or help to assess the viability of your planned commercial fleet upgrade.

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