Unveiling the Radiance: Toronto Hosts Captivating Lecture on Dehua White Porcelain's Timeless Elegance

Published November 20, 2023

Toronto, November 19, 2023 - International Arts News-In a collaborative effort, the Canada Cultural Relics Research Foundation, Canada China Traditional Art Exchange Centre, and Nord Auction House orchestrated a captivating knowledge lecture in Toronto. The focus of the event, titled "Jade like Gel - Jintuitang Hall's Collection of Dehua White Glazed Porcelain," drew in over 50 attendees, comprising members of the two sessions and avid art enthusiasts.

The main speaker, Yuanxi Li, a passionate Art and Business major from the University of Waterloo, brought her unique insights and love for art to the forefront. As the editor of the recently published book, "Jade like Coagulation Fat - Jintuitang Hall Collection Dehua White Glazed Porcelain," Li delved into the intricacies of Dehua porcelain in a comprehensive lecture covering its production process, characteristics, historical development, and appreciation.

Li's detailed exploration of the Dehua porcelain production process left attendees enlightened. From the excavation and processing of kaolin to the various decorative techniques employed, such as mold printing, carving, drawing, and transparent carving, the lecture provided a deep understanding of the craftsmanship involved.

The historical journey of Dehua porcelain unfolded in the section dedicated to its development history. Li expertly navigated through the Tang and Five Dynasties to the Song, Yuan, Ming, Qing, and Republic of China periods, highlighting representative works that showcased the evolution of this exquisite art form.

The heart of the lecture lay in the Dehua Porcelain Appreciation section, where the audience was treated to a visual feast of the Jintuitang Hall's collection. Li compared pieces from different periods, noting the radiant glaze of Ming Dynasty Dehua porcelain and the transition of glaze colors through time, from white with a hint of red to shades of lard white, ivory white, scallion root white, and goose down white in the Ming Dynasty, and a distinctive blue in the Qing Dynasty.

The leader of the Jintuitang Hall, Mr. Jiarong Zhang, shared his decades of experience in collecting Dehua porcelain, emphasizing his love for the art form. He provided valuable insights into distinguishing Dehua porcelain, sharing his wealth of knowledge with the captivated audience.

The event culminated in the announcement that 53 carefully selected pieces from Mr. Jiarong Zhang's collection would soon embark on a domestic museum tour. These artifacts, featured in the book "Jade like Coagulation Fat - Jintuitang Hall Collection Dehua White Glazed Porcelain," promise to offer a rare glimpse into the rich history and exquisite craftsmanship of Dehua white porcelain. This lecture not only served as a unique opportunity for communication and learning but also marked a significant step in promoting the appreciation and research of this timeless Chinese art form within the international community.

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