Torund Bryhn’s Book, The Fame Revolution, On Why You Need to Become a Public Figure To Thrive in the Fame Economy

Published February 19, 2024

Torund Bryhn, a strategic communications veteran with over 20 years of experience promoting politicians, CEOs, and authors urges people and companies to rethink their approach to business in her new book The Fame Revolution.

As the founder of Diotima Strategies, a leading thought leadership agency, Torund has worked with entrepreneurs, C-suite executives, and companies looking to enhance their visibility by marketing their essence or commodifying themselves. This process may sound confusing to many, but Torund breaks it down into simple concepts in her book. She highlights the shift society went through during COVID-19, and how we all witnessed a new era of communication and connection taking root whether we realized it or not.

In a post-pandemic world, society has entered a new phase of business that demands a fresh approach from both organizations and individuals. This era we are experiencing is called the ‘fame economy’, and to become wealthy, impactful, or influential, you must first become a public figure. If you refuse to put your personality on display or begin marketing yourself as a product, you will miss out on a once-in-a-lifetime chance for success.

During the pandemic, most people were forced into an entirely foreign way of living that involved limited social interaction and hyper-digital communication. In the process of learning how to cope, society turned to the internet for entertainment and community. As a result, millions of influencers and average people learned how to get their piece of virality and leverage their social platforms.

Whether we’re speaking about individuals or businesses, consumers have a massive appetite for authentic and relatable content. This trend is enabling average people to become public figures that profit from sharing their essence with the world. Businesses are also benefiting from these attitudes through more casual and comedic marketing strategies. However, Torund says that becoming a public figure, in the right way, is the best step to creating sustainable wealth, influence, and impact. She explains this point in the Fame Revolution by demystifying the idea of fame.

“Being famous or a public figure means that you are known for what you do in society,” says Torund. “You may not be known unanimously, but your name is well-known in the circles that matter to you. Achieving this level of visibility is vital for today’s society, and since the pandemic, fame has been democratized. You’re competing with the world, so you must deeply understand the duality of being a person or a product by using public figure strategies.”

The Fame Revolution further delves into the secrets of fame and how to become a public figure. The book is designed to help readers expand their circle of influence, wealth, and impact through simple behaviors. Torund carefully separated the text into three sections that explain why it’s critical to become a public figure, how to strategically acquire fame, and key takeaways from some of history’s most recognizable public figures. By writing in a relatable, entertaining way, she makes it easy to leverage her Public Figure Strategy and monetize your unique essence.

Torund is deeply passionate about helping others to discover their talent and the power of it. However, she’s honest about the difficulty of becoming a public figure. She encourages people to consider whether they’re ready for this journey before jumping headfirst. Torund jokes that if you’re not willing to break in the shiny, but uncomfortable shoes of fame, you should rethink whether becoming a public figure is right for you.

Fame was once an exclusive privilege for the few, but technology has made it a commodity that almost anyone can obtain. In this kind of environment, entrepreneurs and companies must accept the fact that they have to be known to grow their businesses, educate audiences, and make an impact. Those who dare to put their authentic self on display will be rewarded graciously in this fame revolution.

An excerpt from Fame Revolution explaining the book’s mission: "The purpose of this book is to guide you, whether you’re an individual, entrepreneur, CEO, corporate leader, influencer, or creative professional, through the transformative power of the Fame Revolution. By delving into the evolving landscape of fame, we aim to empower and equip you with the framework to understand that you are a Public Figure and need a Public Figure Strategy. By embracing the power of being a Public Figure, you will see opportunities you did not see before adopting a Public Figure Strategy, thereby maximizing your overall impact.”

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