Top Online Assessment Platform Inspera Shares Tips on How to Secure Online Exams

Published November 18, 2023

Inspera, the world’s leading online assessment platform, is pleased to share tips on securing online exams. The information is highly useful for educational institutions, educators, and assessors who want to ensure that the exam papers are delivered and submitted securely and with integrity. The educational sector is witnessing a digital transformation, with more and more institutions taking measures to enhance the digital experience. In this age of AI content, ensuring the authenticity of the papers submitted by the student is quite challenging. So how can colleges and universities ensure exam papers are delivered with integrity?

Founded in 1999, Inspera is a global leader in digital assessment solutions, supporting educational institutions, awarding bodies, and professional organizations worldwide.

Closed-book exams were much easier to monitor, where the invigilators could restrict the students from getting their study materials into the exam room or take immediate action when students attempted to copy or cheat. Physically watching the students in person and in a room is much easier. But the downside would be the wastage of resources and the financial and environmental impact. While there is much need to deliver secured online assessments, it is also equally important to conduct them on a foolproof online test platform. In short, delivering online exams securely means applying the integrity of a traditional exam room in a digital environment.

Online test proctoring can also be done by creating a VLE or LMS online exam. This platform can alter the environment for better online proctoring of students. However, it depends on the availability and kind of integrations and plugins necessary for the platform. The Inspera online test platform provides the flexibility to alter the question paper and customize the environment every time the exam is delivered. This post talks about how to offer security for online tests, be it remote or in-person or when the students are on site using their own computer or a computer provided to them.

The flexibility of an online proctoring tool allows universities to consider the differences and develop a policy that provides the flexibility of location or consolidating the exams in a single environment. The advantages of online exams are known to many, but there are a few limitations too, especially with what the student might access outside of the exam environment. Inspera’s online test proctoring platform helps achieve the right level of security and integrity in three different modes of examinations.

In an open book mode, the candidates are allowed to access any material available to them, and in an online environment, they can access the internet. The closed book mode is when the students are not allowed to access any study or reference material. Permitted materials mode allows students to access only a limited set of materials per the regulations. It could be a specific book or a website. With Inspera’s online test platform, educational institutions can limit how much a student can access. The hybrid approach locks down the browser, providing real control over the environment. Inspera’s online assessment platform allows online proctoring for all modes. The customizable environment enhances and simplifies the integrity of the exam.

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Founded in 1999, Inspera is a global leader in digital assessment solutions, supporting educational institutions, awarding bodies, and professional organizations worldwide. It has offices across the world, including Oslo, Brisbane, Berlin, London, Kuala Lumpur, Dubai, Chicago, Lisbon, and Stockholm.



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