Three Investment Funds, $790 Million - Mass United Tourism LLC Builds Investment Moat

Published February 19, 2024

As the global economy gradually recovers, people's enthusiasm for travel is rising, making the cultural and tourism industry's layout and capital operations a focal point for global capital. Increasingly, asset management institutions and asset owners are incorporating the cultural and tourism industry into their investment strategies, decisions, and practices.

French investment bank “Cambon Partners” and Indian tourism research company “Videc” recently released a joint global tourism M&A analysis report. The data shows that from 2014 to Q3 2023, a total of 1758 tourism companies worldwide were sold. Among them, 382 mergers and acquisitions had publicly disclosed transaction amounts, with just these transactions totaling $212 billion. The number of global tourism M&A transactions (423) from 2022 to Q3 2023 has noticeably rebounded compared to the data from Q3 2018-2019 (389).

As a leading global brand in innovative cultural and tourism, Mass United Tourism LLC has continued to acquire or invest in high-quality assets worldwide through its wholly-owned subsidiary, Mass United Invest Ltd, improving its industry chain layout. The CEO of Mass United Invest Ltd said, "Relying on the group's strong financial strength and professional investment capability, by continuously acquiring and investing in high-quality cultural and tourism assets worldwide, and building distribution channels and content operations with global partners, we form an industry closed loop, which has significant value for companies to improve global strategic layout and penetrate the cultural and tourism industry chain," .

In terms of investment targets, the cultural and tourism assets favored by Mass United Invest Ltd need to have a development foundation or a certain brand and visitor flow base, preferably with uniqueness and scarcity, such as the ancient city of Fez in Morocco and the ancient city of Galle in Sri Lanka; or the cultural and tourism asset has sustainable development potential, with visitor flow and market reputation that withstand the test of time, like the island resources of the Maldives; thirdly, the capital return rate is acceptable or matches the company's current strategic phase, such as the signing with the Maasai village in Kenya, which is more for the group's strategic layout in Africa. Following these three criteria, Mass United Invest Ltd has been continuously surveying and investing globally in recent years.

It is reported that Mass United Invest Ltd has established three investment funds, holding 127 subsidiaries, with a total capital management scale of $790 million, employing over 4,600 people worldwide, with a team of more than 600 brokers, covering business scopes including IP route development, cultural and tourism asset restructuring, RWA data construction, serving a global group of 46,000 people. To better carry out global investment business, the company has successively obtained the American NFA license, the U.S. Money Services Business (MSB) registration license, and the Hong Kong Money Service Operator (MSO) license.

To address the coexistence of multiple ticketing systems within the cultural and tourism industry, improve global cultural and tourism industry ticketing management, and achieve digital construction in the ticketing field, Mass United Invest Ltd is set to launch a global ticketing system. This ticketing system will be integrated into the comprehensive fund management app of Mass United Invest Ltd, allowing travelers worldwide to book tickets online directly. Additionally, this ticketing system establishes the basic rules for ticketing of cultural and tourism assets and IP routes under the Mass United Tourism group, enabling the collection and effective empowerment of global cultural and tourism ticketing market data.

High-quality cultural and tourism assets are always in demand, especially as the global economy gradually recovers. To match global cultural and tourism enterprises and their attractions with the global partners of Mass United Tourism LLC, enhance the profitability of cultural and tourism assets, and upgrade the global traveler experience, Mass United Invest Ltd leverages the group's resource capabilities and its own professional investment management skills to bring more possibilities for the positive development of the industry.

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