The token of the new game and the metaverse GrabCoinClub will be listed on the LBANK.

Published May 24, 2023

Prior to that, the company successfully completed an audit of smart contracts at CertiK, released two NFT collections for sale, ran closed token sales rounds, and even can boast of releasing an MVP version with support for multiplayer, VR, MetaMask authorization, and voice and text chats.

Изображение выглядит как мультфильм, Анимация, снимок экрана, Мультфильм  Автоматически созданное описание

Thus, the project is already showcasing to the community what its metaverse will look like, and the integration of gameplay mechanics, testing, and the opening of all locations on the first planet are planned to be completed by the end of this year.

The GrabCoinClub team introduced the concept and popularizes a new genre of computer games, namely the Metaverse Role Playing Game (MRPG).

Anatoli Rybchin, the founder and CEO of the company, tells:

“Our project features an authentic gaming world, and the storyline is entirely created by the players.”

The protagonists of the game are FiHunters, wealth hunters on Blockchain networks. They are intelligent tigers and dragons coming from FiToria Exoplanet. FiHunters, with their ancient knowledge of wealth nature, have created 15,555 NFT artifacts that encrypt the answers to the question of ‘How to manage cash flow and gain financial freedom?’

To mine unique resources, a team of 15,555 FiHunters traveled to the blockchain planet of Polarity, where they encountered a colony of scientists from Earth who had flown in to explore blockchain possibilities and could not get back.

To help people, FiHunters are ready to transfer their knowledge to true adherents of the Play-to-Earn gaming model!”

The team chose Polygon, a second layer blockchain network with high speed and security and low transaction fees, as its home network.

Unlike its competitors, GrabCoinClub has a non-standard for Web3 projects market entry strategy and blockchain interaction architecture. The project uses three different token standards for different gaming assets.

ERC-721 NFT Tokens

The first NFT collection includes avatars of 15,555 FiHunters. By owning them, you can play as five characters in parallel and develop each one individually.

The second NFT collection is 15,555 unique artifacts that the FiHunters took with them. These include weapons and armor, spaceships, lands on the planet, pets, seven kinds of special buildings, cords and harvesters for resource extraction.

ERC-1155 SFT Tokens

ERC-1155 SFT tokens are 5 types of resources to be extracted, first-aid kits, ammo, character skins, etc. These are all in-game consumables, which the company will release constantly and regulate their quantity in the game and on the market.

ERC-20 Interchangeable Tokens

ERC-20 interchangeable tokens are the utility in-game currency called GrabClub (GC) that players can use to buy and sell in-game assets within the game and on any third-party marketplaces.

The game developer also included the option of Free-to-Play. This way players can connect to the game without authorization through MetaMask and play as space abo stuck in the colony. In Free-to-Play mode, the player can earn GC tokens without any limitations or purchases, which can later be withdrawn to a connected cryptocurrency wallet or spent on in-game assets.

However, the main surprise for the community is that after integrating all the game mechanics of the first part of the game, i.e. Planet Polarity, the management of decisions on the development of the project will go to DAO, a decentralized autonomous organization, which will include the owners of the project's rare NFTs.

According to the project roadmap, the launch of game mechanics will start in the 3rd quarter of 2023. The company also plans to launch a closed social network and marketplace with access via NFT as well as list GC tokens on other cryptocurrency exchange.

The GrabCoinClub project team is public and has passed the KYC inspection, having been awarded an honorary silver badge from CertiK. You can download the MVP version as well as study the Whitepaper in detail on the project website.




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Brand: GrabCoinClub

Contact: Stan Monk, COO


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