The Philanthropic Endeavours of Jordanian-Lebanese Yousef Khalaf

Published September 20, 2023

Yousef Khalaf, a Jordanian-Lebanese entrepreneur, is known for his extensive history of philanthropic endeavors in healthcare, education, and social welfare across Jordan, Lebanon, and various other Arab nations.

Khalaf asserts that his altruistic initiatives are aimed towards addressing the needs of underprivileged Arab communities, with a particular focus on refugees. Additionally, he is dedicated to providing support to nonprofit healthcare and educational organizations, emphasizing his commitment to advancing philanthropic efforts to achieve greater levels of inclusivity in the foreseeable future.

The King Hussein Cancer Foundation and Center (KHCC) published a report commending Yousef Khalaf for his substantial support of the Foundation’s initiatives, which offers exceptional medical and therapeutic care to cancer patients in Jordan. According to the report, Khalaf’s contributions to the KHCC began in 2009 and continued until the combined donations from Khalaf and his foundation reached an approximate total of USD 12 million.

The report provided a comprehensive overview of businessman Yousef Khalaf’s charitable contributions over the past 14 years, which can be summarized as follows:

• The Yousef Khalaf Fund: USD 2,427,812;
• The Gaza Fund: USD 250,000;
• The Syrian Charity Fund: USD 40,000;
• The Lebanon Fund: USD 220,000.

Furthermore, the breakdown of the Yousef Khalaf Foundation’s support program for KHCC was as follows:

• Direct support to the KHCC: USD 1,355,928;
• Hardware and equipment supply support: USD 3,924,389;
• Support for the naming and honoring program: USD 3,757,093;
• Support for an additional pledge program: USD 84,745.

In a statement, the Yousef Khalaf Foundation emphasized its special focus on supporting the KHCC, recognizing the significance and excellence of its endeavors in the fight against cancer. The Foundation pointed out that according to statistics from the World Health Organization (WHO), cancer continues to be the second most common cause of mortality globally. Its rising prevalence is exerting significant healthcare and financial burdens on individuals, communities, and healthcare institutions, not only within the Arab region but also on a global scale.

Yousef Khalaf, a Jordanian-Lebanese entrepreneur, was held back at Beirut International Airport as he tried to leave the country with a cash donation intended for the KHCC.

These funds were part of a donation intended for the KHCC, with the total donation for the year 2023 amounting to USD 2,099,990.

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