The Immigrant Magazine Unveils 'Stop The Hate in Black Immigrant Communities' Campaign

Published September 13, 2023

Recipient of Governor Gavin Newsom's Anti-Hate Grant, The Immigrant Magazine (TIM) has announced the official launch of the "Stop The Hate in Black Immigrant Communities Campaign," an initiative created to combat discrimination and champion equity for Black immigrants, the announcement was made today by TIM founder/publisher Pamela Anchang.


"Together, we possess the power to make a profound impact, eradicating hate and nurturing the growth of inclusive and tolerant communities. Join us in the battle against hate," comments Anchang.

The campaign overview follows:

The Challenge: Rising Hate Against Black Immigrants

As the nation witnesses a surge in hate crimes, California is intensifying its commitment to support victims and proactively combat acts of hate. The state is unveiling a groundbreaking multilingual awareness and education initiative, "CA vs. Hate," while emphasizing the pivotal role of inclusivity in education.

TIM Publisher Pamela Anchang

The Root of the Issue: A Historical Perspective

The history of hate against Black immigrants in America is deeply rooted in the country's long history of racism and discrimination against people of color. Over the years, Black immigrants have encountered various forms of hostility, discrimination, and marginalization. Discriminatory immigration policies, like the 1882 Chinese Exclusion Act, marked the inception of immigration restrictions based on race.

Recent Challenges: A Disturbing Trend

In recent years, Black immigrants have faced new challenges, including increased scrutiny from immigration authorities and the negative portrayal of immigrants in the media. This has resulted in a distressing rise in hate crimes and discrimination against Black immigrants.

A Call to Action: Uniting Against Hate

Addressing and eradicating hate against the Black immigrant community in America necessitates a multifaceted approach involving individuals, communities, and institutions. Speaking out against hate, educating oneself and others, supporting Black immigrant organizations, advocating for policy changes, engaging in constructive dialogue, and holding institutions accountable are all integral steps toward creating a more inclusive and just society.

Resources for Change: Empowering the Black Immigrant Community

Fortunately, there are several resources available to combat hate and xenophobia directed at Black immigrants in America. Civil rights organizations, legal resources, community organizations, government initiatives, education and awareness programs, as well as social media and online resources, are all at hand to support and empower the Black immigrant community. It is imperative to recognize and utilize these resources to promote social justice and equality for all.

Unique Immigration Challenges: Seeking Refuge and Legal Status

Furthermore, Black immigrants often face unique challenges related to their immigration status. Many come to the United States seeking refuge from war, persecution, and other forms of violence in their home countries. However, they often encounter significant barriers to obtaining legal status, including a lack of resources, language barriers, and complex immigration policies.

The Urgency: Hate Incidents on the Rise

High-profile incidents, such as the tragic murder of Charly "Africa" Leundeu Keunang, a 43-year-old Black man from Cameroon, by three Los Angeles Police Department officers, have left a profound impact. Similarly, the shocking murder of a beloved shop owner in Southern California, targeted solely because of their immigrant status, has sent shockwaves through the community, igniting a call for solidarity to combat racism.

Join Us in the Fight Against Hate

We extend an open invitation to allies who share our commitment to this humanitarian cause. Together, we are forging coalitions with both immigrant and non-immigrant communities of color and other allies, uniting as a formidable front against hate. Additionally, we warmly encourage victims to connect with The Immigrant Magazine, sharing their stories and gaining insight into their rights and available resources.

Community Engagement: A Year of Productivity

The Immigrant Magazine is wholly dedicated to making this year productive through extensive community engagement. Its initiatives include mixers, educational workshops, a music festival, and much more, all offering valuable information and resources on how to guard against hate crimes. TIM eagerly anticipates collaborating with community leaders, celebrities, survivors, influencers, community-based organizations, schools, and advocacy groups to ensure the campaign's resounding success.

Get Involved: Be Part of the Solution

TIM invites you to join in this pivotal endeavor. You can support the campaign by:

  • Following TIM on social media and actively sharing its content.
  • Actively participating in TIM workshops and events.
  • Championing policies that promote social justice and equality.
  • Volunteering your time or resources to contribute to its mission.

For media inquiries and further information about the campaign, please contact: Pamela Anchang:


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