The Benefits of Using a Swindon Taxi Service for Airport Transportation

Published August 15, 2023
The Benefits of Using a Swindon Taxi Service for Airport Transportation
The Benefits of Using a Swindon Taxi Service for Airport Transportation

One of the primary reasons to choose a professional taxi service for an airport run is the assurance provided. Relying on public transport or assuming you'll be able to find affordable parking at any major airport is a huge gamble, often adding unnecessary stress to international travel.

Amid train strikes, planned engineering works, replacement bus services and other delays, a private taxi can pick you and your luggage up, take you from door to door, and ensure you arrive at the drop-off point directly outside the departure terminal doors with zero hassle.

For travellers returning from the exhaustion of cross-border trips, the positives are equally compelling, being able to relax, catch up on a nap and settle back, relying on your driver to let you know when you’ve arrived at your home.

SWOOP, the app-based Swindon taxi service operating throughout the southwest offering transport to all the big UK airports, explains further why booking a cab may make your travelling experiences both cheaper and more enjoyable.

The Complexities of UK International Travel

During 2022, a third of flights arriving in or departing from UK airports were delayed, with 224 million passengers experiencing unprecedented disruption, last-minute cancellations or issues reaching the airport, often meaning they incurred the full cost of a missed flight and needed to pay again to rebook.

Using confirmed transport to and from the airport is a considerably better way to travel, not least because if plans change at the last minute, a driver can respond to your requests and either reschedule your collection, divert to a local hotel, or remain on hand while you check whether you need to make alternative arrangements.

Those travelling via train or bus have little recourse to adjust their travel plans without sufficient notice, and many find it difficult to recoup the cost of pre-booked transfers, regardless of whether the reason for the change of plans is entirely out of their hands.

In contrast, a private taxi service exists to serve their customers. While a long-distance journey may not be as simple to rearrange as a short-term local journey, in most cases, a last-minute cancellation or change of time is entirely possible.

Understanding the Costs of Airport Transfer Taxi Services

The exact cost of a pre-booked airport transfer will depend on your departure point and the relevant airport, but it is surprisingly affordable when compared to other transport options.

For example, the average cost of a cab from Bristol to Gatwick Airport is £169. Booking a train ticket for the same journey would cost £141 to travel on a peak 7 am service and require three changes and just under three hours of travel time.

Comparing the additional £20 cost is potentially misrepresentative since a taxi would take as much as 45 minutes less to complete the same journey, eliminate any need to haul heavy luggage, and provide the security of a private vehicle.

Many public transport passengers find travel worrying due to the potential for luggage stored in racks to be stolen or mistaken for another traveller's baggage – rail companies accept no liability for lost or stolen luggage, meaning the full cost of the contents is lost unless you have sufficient insurance.

However, it is also important to factor in the additional expenses of travelling via public transport. Travellers would need to either drive to the nearest train station and pay a long-term parking fee to leave their car or book a cab for the short distance from their home to the station, meaning the cost differential may be negligible.

If you were to drive independently to the airport on the same journey, your travel time would be similar, but you would need to budget roughly £102 for seven days of parking at, for example, the Gatwick South long-stay car park, and need to carry your luggage for a ten-minute transfer via the inter-terminal shuttle.

Parking in the short-stay car park at Gatwick North would cost around £163 for the same seven-day period, with a five-minute walk – you would require pre-booked additional assistance if you were unable to carry baggage the distance from the parking area to the departure terminal.

Why Is a Taxi Service the Best Possible Solution for Airport Transfers?

As we’ve indicated, taxi services are safe, reliable, flexible and cost-effective, but they may also be the optimal way to organise your airport transfers for several other reasons.

Convenience and Comfort

Public transport is often assumed to be the best and cheapest option, but we've seen that this isn't necessarily the case. In fact, it can be the most expensive if you experience any problems such as delays, missed connections, or lost baggage.

Private taxi drivers take you from your home to the drop-off zone and vice versa without needing to accommodate additional stops for other passengers along the way, which can be an issue if you have a tight arrival time and little time to wait.

Faster Airport Connections

Experienced drivers have an in-depth knowledge of the cities and towns they work within and are a fantastic resource if you encounter lengthy delays or queues, motorway junction closures or backlogs that mean you risk not making your flight in time. Cabbies can divert their journey, recommend a quick shortcut or capably manage delays to minimise the potential for traffic conditions to affect your onward travel.

Secure Travel

We’ve mentioned safety, but this is absolutely worth reiterating, with a high number of bags stolen or snatched on public transport, particularly rush hour when it is perfectly possible not to notice a missing bag in the chaos until it is too late to identify the perpetrator.

Taxi drivers can store luggage safely in the boot or adjacent to you on a passenger seat, depending on your preferences. Peace of mind means you can rest and relax without needing to be constantly vigilant or worry about splitting your belongings between bags to offset the risk you become a victim of theft.

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SWOOP is a fast, friendly, and stress-free taxi service operating across Bath, Swindon and Chippenham. Order your cab via the app and have the full control of paying the driver direct. All drivers accept credit, debit cards and cash paid direct to them at the end of your journey.


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