Swedish Scholars Unveil Insights from In-depth Exploration of the Greater Bay Area

Published March 26, 2024

In a recent exploration journey to the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, Reported by Guangdong Radio and Television station,Swedish scholars delved into the heart of southern China's economic powerhouse, uncovering a blend of modernity, tradition, and international cooperation. Led by Stephen, a distinguished Swedish scholar, the delegation embarked on a seven-day journey spanning Guangzhou, Dongguan, and Shenzhen, immersing themselves in the region's dynamic landscape and cultural heritage.

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Stephen, whose expertise lies in international relations and cultural exchange, expressed his awe at the region's modernity, style, and beauty. His quest for insights into the fertile ground for reform and development experience led him to explore the eastern coast of the Pearl River Delta, where he encountered the rich and enduring Lingnan culture.

During their visit, Stephen engaged in discussions with local academics, including Dai Yonghong, the Dean of the School of Foreign Languages at Shenzhen University. Conversations revolved around the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI), with Stephen emphasizing its historic significance for mankind. He underscored the concept of a "community for a shared future for mankind," a principle often overlooked in Western narratives surrounding the BRI.

Stephen highlighted the importance of accurate information dissemination, citing the establishment of the Belt and Road Institute in Sweden as a response to the failure of mainstream media to convey China's achievements and the true intentions of the BRI. He expressed a commitment to fostering exchanges with institutions like Shenzhen University and Guangzhou Institute for Foreign Studies to enlighten audiences in Sweden and Europe.

In response, Dai Yonghong expressed appreciation for Stephen's insights and emphasized the international consensus surrounding the BRI. He noted that while the initiative originated in China, it has evolved into a global endeavor, with over 152 countries and international organizations joining hands with the Chinese government. Dai reiterated President Xi Jinping's principles of the Silk Road spirit, emphasizing openness, peace, cooperation, inclusiveness, and mutual benefits.

The exploration journey of the Swedish scholars sheds light on the Greater Bay Area's multifaceted landscape, from its economic vibrancy to its cultural richness. Their interactions with local academia underscore the importance of international dialogue and cooperation in shaping global narratives surrounding initiatives like the BRI. As the world continues to embrace connectivity and collaboration, exchanges like these serve as bridges between nations, fostering understanding and mutual prosperity.

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