SIRE3D Elevates Construction Innovation with Acquisition of 25 Cutting-Edge 3D Printers from CyBe Construction

Published November 18, 2023 sets industry records with the largest-ever 3DCP purchase, marking a transformative leap in proptech.

In a groundbreaking move,, a flagship of the esteemed SIRE Group LLC, solidifies its position as a trailblazer in the Global 3DCP industry. On November 1st, finalized a historic agreement with CyBe Construction, a leading Dutch innovator in 3D concrete printing, acquiring a staggering 25 state-of-the-art 3D printers.

Revolutionizing Construction for a Sustainable Tomorrow

This strategic acquisition propels to the forefront of innovation, heralding a new era of large-scale 3D concrete printing solutions. The synergy between and CyBe Construction is not just a business deal; it's a visionary partnership poised to reshape the global construction industry.

"Defining the future of commercial real estate by printing the world of tomorrow, today!!" emphasized Sam Suzuki, CEO of SIRE Group.

Strategic Partnership for Global Impact, a subsidiary of the SIRE Group LLC, an international proptech company specializing in sustainable real estate opportunities, commercial brokerage, commercial real estate development, capital markets, facility management, strategically aligns with CyBe Construction, a European market leader with over a decade of expertise in 3D concrete printing. Together, they form a formidable alliance with cutting-edge technology, extensive experience, and a shared commitment to global impact.

"The strategic alliance between and CyBe Construction leverages advanced technology, years of experience, and a global community, reshaping the construction industry on a global scale." commented Sam Suzuki, CEO of

Embarking on the Sierra Creek Project is gearing up for the Sierra Creek project, set to be the largest 3DCP commercial project globally. With 25 newly acquired printers, including 10 RC and 15 GR, Sierra Creek will be a multi-story commercial complex in Rosamond, CA, consisting of 250 rental units. This venture will showcase's commitment to delivering faster, economical, and sustainable construction solutions.

Invitation to Visionary Investors

SIRE3D is uniquely positioned to capitalize on the technology's demonstrated ability to reduce costs up to 30% and accelerate schedules by 50%, enabling forward-thinking investors to realize substantial returns. Join us as we bridge innovation and sustainability to transform the rapidly evolving construction landscape.

Investing in the Future of Proptech extends an invitation to forward-thinking investors to seize a unique opportunity in the evolution of proptech. This strategic acquisition of 25 cutting-edge 3D printers from CyBe Construction positions as a dominant force in the 3DCP sector, offering unparalleled potential for investors seeking substantial returns in a proliferating market. With our proven leadership and strategic vision, aims to dominate the market by delivering substantial cost and time savings over conventional construction methods, enabling investors to reap considerable returns as we cement ourselves as the premier 3D construction solutions provider.

"Join on the Cutting Edge of Construction Innovation. Be at the forefront of the 3DCP revolution, shaping the future of proptech," urged Sam Suzuki, CEO of

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Statements from Partners

Chairman and CEO at IREP, Kenneth McCrae says I'm excited about our partnership with Sperry RE Capital. IREP, a global Management, Technology, and Development company, is joining forces with Sperry RE Capital to bring innovative real estate solutions. This collaboration combines IREP's Global tech-driven expertise with Sperry RE Capital's financial prowess. Together, we aim to reshape the real estate landscape, delivering cutting-edge solutions and driving efficiency.

For more about IREP's Global presence, visit Explore Sperry RE Capital's finance solutions at Sperry RE Capital."

"We are excited to have been selected by as their exclusive real estate brokerage partner to offer 3D construction printing services to developers and building end-users globally. SperryCGA already offers a complete full-service solution for the commercial real estate industry, and we are today expanding this further to include comprehensive market analysis and consultation of the benefits and advantages of 3D construction printing. This consultative approach will include a complete business case study to show how this emerging technology saves time and cost, provides flexibility of design, sustainable construction and generates net zero waste. SperryCGA agents will be trained and earn a Proptech certification in 3D construction through a real estate training program designed in partnership with SIRE, CyBe and Sperry University," stated Mark Hinkins, President of Sperry Commercial Global Affiliates (SperryCGA).

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