Published July 18, 2023

The future of recruitment for small businesses just got a whole lot brighter - and it's streaming in high definition. A technology lab based in the UK, introduces, a platform that uses short videos and assistive AI technology to transform the traditionally arduous hiring process.

Specially for businesses in sectors such as retail, hospitality and care, recruitment has often meant wading through a sea of resumes and application forms. But Candydate turns the tables on this outdated approach. Job seekers now can apply for vacancies with just a few seconds of video, on the fly, from whatever the advertised position appears. This cuts down paperwork and offers a more personal insight into their potential fit for the role.

The revolution doesn't end at video applications. Candydate's advanced AI digs deep into these videos, it actually watch them, carefully examining the candidate’s body language, context, and personal traits in addition to spoken content. Applications are then ranked against each other, according to role requirements and the wider company culture, turning the often uncertain task of screening into a surefire process - all within a fraction of the traditional hiring timeline.

Candydate collaboration features are also apart, allowing businesses to invite co-workers and even external clients into the decision-making process, all without requiring separate accounts or logins. Picture a restaurant where the chef gets a say in who’s applying for that kitchen staff position - a simple text message with a video application, thumbs-up or down, and they're in the loop. It's an inclusive approach that ensures the new hire will be a perfect fit.

Instead of trying to be yet another complex or expensive ATS (Applicant tracking System), Candydate focus on a core set of features with an insanely simple user interface. The system works with everything you would expect, from online ads to job sites, portals and social media. But it is really great into turning physical signage such as stickers, banners or wearable merchandise into active job offers. A unique link or QR code is all you need to capture applications in real time.

"Our aim with Candydate is to redefine the old saying 'hire for skills, fire for behaviour.' We're making the recruitment process as smooth and satisfying as candy, for everyone involved," said the Candydate spokesperson.

Candydate, offers a Free plan for businesses bootstrapping, so anyone can experience cutting-edge recruitment technology. It's a game-changer for roles that require swift filling and those with a high level of interpersonal skills required, particularly in sales and other customer-facing positions.

Candydate is turning the hiring process into an engaging, shared experience. Forget about going through resumes, the future of recruitment is here: swift, collaborative, and as easy as watching videos.

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