Sanctum AI Featured in VentureBeat for High-Impact Technology That Turns Cloud-Based AI Local

Published May 22, 2024

Establishing itself as the ideal technology partner for businesses, industry innovator Sanctum AI captured the media spotlight in a recent article in top tech publication VentureBeat. Known for providing innovative and adaptive artificial intelligence solutions that elevate and support businesses, Sanctum AI and its co-founders, Tyler Ward and Christian Crowley, shared valuable insights into the future of artificial intelligence for business use cases. Highlighting the need for more secure and reliable AI systems to support key industries, the article explains how companies can safely gain the benefits of artificial intelligence around the office.

The AI Integration Challenges Faced By Today’s Industries

After years of creating high-end technology aimed to serve and support businesses, the founders at Sanctum AI share a clear understanding of the challenges that companies face with the AI solutions available today. While large language models (LLMs) are the ideal technology powerhouses that can empower businesses, these systems can come with added risk due to cloud dependencies and third-party data management.

Although companies in key industries, like healthcare and finance, have everything to gain from the high-impact processing power of AI, many of the available systems pose significant risks for companies when used. In the recent VentureBeat publication, Sanctum AI is positioned as the safe, secure, and adaptive technology that every company needs.

Using Game-Changing Localized Technology to Eliminate Risk

A large language model (LLM) that relies on the cloud can lead to data breaches, data loss, and unexpected downtime. To combat this, Sanctum AI proposes a new, localized version of top-performing LLMs, allowing companies to gain the benefits of popular systems while eliminating the risks associated with cloud-based technology. Instead of AI processing data in the cloud, companies can process information and engage with AI systems locally, without private materials ever leaving the local devices or servers.

Keeping Data in the Hands of the Owner

The laws surrounding customer data are changing rapidly, tightening to ensure the protection of valuable data. In today’s data-driven world, the risks and impacts associated with data exposure are more clear than ever. “Customer data is given with trust and must be protected,” says co-founder Tyler Ward, highlighting the need for companies to know exactly who has access to private data.

With cloud-based systems, companies are at the mercy of the third-party teams that make these AI solutions possible. This can lead to unintentional exposure, leaving companies on the hook for the mistakes that their partners make. Exposure is dangerous whether it is in the hands of a criminal or a competitor, which is why localized solutions have so much to offer businesses. Keeping data where it belongs–with the company that obtained it–is safer and better for everyone.

Better Security for a Better Customer Experience

Data breaches are one of the biggest challenges faced by companies today. In fact, recent estimates show that a single data breach can cost companies roughly $4.45 million dollars through direct and indirect costs. Every time that data is unintentionally exposed to the public or criminals, a company faces fines and takes a significant blow to its reputation.

Even a small data breach can attract negative media attention and leave companies open to lawsuits. Compounding this with the damage to customer retention rates, it is clear why companies need to protect their data at all costs. By minimizing overall exposure risk and keeping information local, companies can offer a much better customer experience as they integrate AI technology into their operations.

Minimizing Downtime and Delays

The cloud is very useful for sharing information and systems across long distances, but any system that is dependent upon cloud-based technology is always at risk of downtime. For the average business, downtime is a significant loss that can have notable financial impacts. It creates a poor customer experience, leads customers to opt out of making purchases, and causes lost work hours for staff. “Cloud-based services are a powerful innovation, but when they go down, companies lose access to their systems until their third-party partners can find a solution,” explains Christian Crowley, referencing how challenging and frustrating downtime is for modern businesses.

Sanctum AI’s localized access to top-performing artificial intelligence systems means that companies do not have to worry about downtime for their preferred tools. With a localized system, companies will always have access to their systems, even during internet outages and times when the most popular cloud services are offline.

Looking to the Next Phase of AI for Businesses

The most powerful industries at work around the world have everything to gain from data collection and artificial intelligence systems, but their first priority always needs to be their customers. Protecting customer data should not be a natural risk that comes with wanting to improve business practices through support from large language models, and in VentureBeat’s article, Sanctum AI shows it doesn’t need to be.


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